Are you planning or have you planned that trip and is now scavenging the internet for that perfect bag to accompany you on your travels? If you are, continue reading for we are here to help!

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Types of Travel Bags Available in the Philippines - for Every Kind of Travel

First thing’s first, understand your travel destination before selecting the most convenient bag for your holiday. Consider questions like: How accessible is your location? Will you have to walk to get there or are you going to hail a cab or take public transport? Nah, you’re over-complicating things, right? Nope, wrong. Depending on your destination, a suitable bag can be very important.

You wouldn’t want to be pulling your trolley bag through a crowded market in search of your hotel nor will you want to squeeze in all your clothes and essentials into a tiny duffel bag on a 7-day trip. What if you book your stay in a glitzy 7-star hotel and you stumble in with a knapsack looking completely frazzled? Imagine the horror. So you’re welcome (in advance).

The Duffel

A duffel is a medium to large sized cylindrical bag made of cloth or other fabric. Traditionally, it comes with drawstring closure at the top but modern day duffels are zipped up or comes with the snap clasp enclosure. Well-beloved by men (mostly), the duffel is the perfect companion for a short trip - say, 2-4 days tops! Most duffel bags available in the Philippines come with handles or even a long strap but some even come with built in wheelies!

Best for: Beach holidays, short trips or trips that require you to be on-the-go.

Worst for: The shopaholics (you won’t be able to fit in most, if not any of your shopping in these bags).

The Backpacks/Rucksacks

These bags have two shoulder straps for you to carry on your back (Hence, the name back-pack). While backpacks refer to either small or medium sized bags that are typically 10-30litres or 30-50litres in volume respectively, the rucksacks are able to carry 65litres or more. These are normally reinforced with an aluminium frame, hip belt, compression straps as well as back and chest straps to aid in support.

Best for (Backpacks): 1-2 day trips, utilized also as schoolbags and laptop bags.

Best for (Rucksacks): Week-long trips, for the trips that require you to constantly be on the go, backpacking and hiking trips or even trips where you have to maneuver by walking or public transportation.

Worst for: The more posh trips (you probably would not want to show up in a pretty silk dress or a sports jacket carrying a large rucksack on your back).

The Wheelies

Traditionally these luggage come with 2 back wheels but these days, the four wheeled ones are now more in demand. They come in an average size of small (55x45x23)cm, medium (68x48x29)cm and large (75x50x30)cm. These bags are the easiest to pack and to remove your belongings compared to the other two options listed above.

Best for: Easy-going trips, city tour trips, longer vacation or when you will need a larger luggage space.

Worst for: When you need to maneuver in crowded areas, trips where you constantly need to walk or to take public transportation.

Time to Shop for that Perfect Bag in the Philippines

So, there you have it. The dummy guide for types of bags and where best to use them. What you have left to do now, is to browse through the merchandise! If you're still on the lookout for accommodation or transport while traveling in a budget-friendly way, do check out promo code; for eateries or local restaurants, check out Metrodeal promo at iprice Philippines. Happy shopping and happy vacation!