Whether it is for security, for travelling, or simply looking for a convenient way to store your things while on a stroll, waist bags can be a lifesaver. There are many types of waist bags that you can choose depending on the activity you are going to be doing with it. Click here to find out more about the different types of waist bags.


Type of Waist Bags Available in the Philippines

A waist bag, otherwise known as a fanny pack or belt bag is a small type of bag that can be worn all around the waist. It is a convenient way of storing your essentials, particularly wallets, phones, and other important articles. While they can be worn at the back, waist bags are recommended to be carried at the front of the body for added convenience and to prevent it from being pickpocketed. Waist bags can be used for any occasion but it is mostly worn by travellers to keep their travel documents, wallets, and money safe while travelling. Waist bags in the market can be divided into several types, including:

Travel Waist Bags

Perhaps one of the most common types of waist bags available in the market, these fanny packs are usually used by travellers. They feature a wide strap and can be buckled around the waist with a small pouch that sits just below the belly. This type of bag is a convenient way to store everything that you need for your travels such as money, passport, wallet, and other essentials that you can quickly whip out if needed. They also serve as a safe way to keep your personal belongings as they reduce the risk of your items from being stolen.

Lumbar Waist Bags

If you love to hike and are looking for a convenient way to store smaller hiking or camping essentials while keeping your hands free, then a lumbar fanny pack is the perfect companion for you. What makes it different from a traditional fanny pack is that it is typically larger to hold more items and a comfortable fit to prevent the wearer from being worn down by its weight. They have ample space to store a water bottle, clothing, snacks, and other camping essentials that you would need.

Hunting Fanny Packs

For many hunters, having a waist bag with you at all times is a must. Not only does it enable you to keep your hands free while hunting, it can also be used to help you store extra ammo, gloves, knives, sunglasses, and all the small things that you require on your hunting trip. Hunting fanny packs are usually available in earthy such as dark green and brown.

Hydration Waist Bags

A popular choice amongst athletes and runners, a hydration fanny pack has one primary purpose which is to ensure that water and other necessities are conveniently available to the wearer. Most hydration fanny packs are big enough to store two bottles of water and a small pack to keep all smaller essentials such as earphones and sunglasses. This allows the wearers to use and store the products at any time without needing to stop their routines.

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