Balenciaga shoes are some of the best footwear in the Philippines. Balenciaga sneakers, slides, boots, sandals, and flats are sought-after for their style, elegance, and durability. Browse the latest Balenciaga shoes, or find out more about Balenciaga shoes below!


Balenciaga Shoes FAQs: 2020 Guide to Balenciaga Shoes Price, Availability, and More!

How much does a Balenciaga shoe cost?

As of 2020, the price of Balenciaga shoes in the Philippines ranges from ₱ 899.00 to ₱ 55,396.05. Balenciaga shoes are available on leading e-marketplaces in the Philippines like Net-A-Porter, Shopee, Harvey Nichols, and Farfetch.

Balenciaga Shoes Price List Philippines 2020

Balenciaga Shoes



Balenciaga Speed Stretch-knit High top Sneakers

₱ 35,570.67


Balenciaga Triple-S 17Fw Comfortable Shock Absorbingsneakers

₱ 3,310.00


Balenciaga Triple S White Mesh And Nubuck Sneakers

₱ 42,361.09

Harvey Nichols

Balenciaga Original Triple-S Sneaker 35-45

₱ 3,108.00


Balenciaga Triple S Clear Sole Sneakers

₱ 55,396.05


Balenciaga Triple S Sneaker

₱ 51,838.50


Balenciaga Speed Stretch-Knit Mid Sneakers 36-45

₱ 3,489.00


Balenciaga Speed Stretch-Knit Mid Running Shoes 36-46

₱ 1,872.00


Balenciaga Fashion Mens Running Shoes Lightweight Sneakers.

₱ 899.00


Balenciaga Triple S Sneakers

₱ 51,838.50


Where are Balenciaga shoes from?

As of 2020, Balenciaga is said to move its manufacturing from Italy to China. This is because some consumers have discovered that Balenciaga Triple S sneakers don’t have “Made in Italy” on the insoles of the shoes, and added a “Made in China” print underneath the tongue.

Do Balenciaga shoes run true to size?

Some Balenciaga shoes like the Balenciaga Speed sneakers fit tight like a pair of socks. However, some consumers have discovered that Balenciaga Speed isn’t true to size, as they found out that they are one size smaller than their actual size.

Balenciaga Philippines: 5 Things to Consider When Looking for Balenciaga Shoes

Reputed Brands

Be sure to check out reputed brands such as Balenciaga Philippines. If you are a real fashionista, you can always distinguish counterfeits versus authentic shoes. Investing in reputed brands will not only tell everyone that you are stylish, but it will also make you become up-to-date on the latest fashion trends. That said, too many clashing pieces from various reputed brands or designers usually don’t look well together. Be sure to choose your designer pieces carefully.

Glitters and sparkles

Sparkles and glitters not only enhance your shoes but also your overall style. Shoes with sparkling accents such as those from Balenciaga Philippines go well with jeans and a solid black or white top. So, if you have sparkling shoes, pair them with something denim or solid white.


One way to accent clothing is to wear plain single-colored, subdued sneakers such as Balenciaga shoes. As mentioned, it’s important to have just one statement piece in your look - whether it’s the shoes or clothing. For example, if you choose loud clothing style, choose a pair of shoes with only a few details like those from Balenciaga Philippines. You may also pick sneakers that are embellished with a little bit of glitter or streaks of silver.


There’s one color that makes your overall style elegant and simple - white. White remains as one of the most sought-after colors for shoes and sneakers. If you are looking for a great pair of white sneakers, check out Balenciaga shoes.

Loud and bright colors

Besides white, there are also bright colors like pink which remain as a trendy color for shoes. The Balenciaga White and Pink Triple S sneakers are among the most elegant sneakers today with its stunning combination of white and pink! If you want to hop on the pink sneaker trend, be sure to wear subdued clothing or any warm-toned colors like pink.