Perhaps the most iconic woman of modern history, Barbie has become more than just a doll but a fashion icon and a brand. Kids of all ages and kids at heart just can’t resist her gorgeous charms. Preppy and sophisticated and full of pink, Barbie is everyone’s favorite! Check out the hottest Barbie bags below or read more about Barbie Philippines.


Barbie Bags - Perfect for Kids and Kids at Heart

If you have no idea who barbie is, then you have missed out on your childhood. Preferred by kids and adults alike, Barbie is everyone’s favorite doll. Cute, sophisticated, and absolutely charming, Barbie has become more than just a child’s toy but an icon and a brand. From bags, shoes, clothing, and even appearing in her own TV shows and movies, Barbie has become a pop culture figure.

Who is Barbie?

Created by American toy brand Mattel, Inc. in March 1959, Barbie’s inspiration was from the German doll Bild Lilli. Revered as the company’s most popular line of toys, Mattel has sold billions of Barbie dolls, not only in the United States but also around the world. From being a child’s toy to one of the biggest brands in fashion for kids, Barbie is a true American icon.

Types of Barbie Bags that you would Enjoy!

Among the Barbie’s most popular line of products are their excellent selection of bags for kids and adults alike! For kids, it seems that Barbie bags have become a playground staple, preferred by kids of all ages. Adults too can enjoy a great selection of bags with cute designs made for teens and yuppies. Grab your favorite Barbie bags now!

Barbie Backpacks

Perfect for kids, Barbie Backpacks feature cute and girly designs with Barbie along with her friends. Designed with medium to large compartments, your kids can store their school books, notebooks, and their lunchboxes with ease. Moreover, some Barbie backpacks also has trolleys to make carrying more easier, especially when travelling.

Barbie Sling Bags

Though slightly smaller than backpacks, sling bags are now taking over the fashion scene because of their simple and uncomplicated design. Barbie sling bags offer a wide range of designs that would suit you and your kids liking.

Barbie Wallets

If you want something a little more subtle from Barbie Philippines, then a wallet would be a cute accent to your everyday life. Made for kids and adults, Barbie wallets are made from top quality materials that would keep your cash safe and secure.

Barbie Tote Bags

If you think Barbie is for kids, then you would think otherwise with their exciting line of tote bags. Created for a more subtle and mature look, Barbie tote bags still carries the playful and charming essence of the brand whether in pink, print, black or dirty white.

Shop for the Best Barbie Bags in the Philippines!

Growing up, everybody wants to become Barbie. Beautiful, sophisticated, and charming, Barbie is the embodiment of every girl’s dreams. Barbie Philippines has an exciting array of bags available for kids and kids at heart! Shop now, compare prices, and redeem coupons at iPrice!