After a long day at work, all you want to do is just head back home as fast as you can, kick of your shoes, let your hair down and unwind in the comfort of your own home. But you know that without the perfect scent, you will never be able to enjoy the epitome of relaxation. At Bath And Body Works, you can now find just what you need for the perfect relaxation that would surely bring a smile to your face.

Bath & Body Works Philippines - a magical brand

Though it may be hard to believe, Bath & Body Works was actually born in a mall. It was back in the late 80s that Express sold a collection of bath and body products that became an immediate sensation that their parent company, the Limited Brands decided to give them their very own store. The very first Bath & Body Works open in September, 1990, at a mall in Cambridge, quite a distance for its supposed Midwestern roots.

If you are ever able to go back in time to visit the very first Bath & Body Works, you would see a very close resemblance to The Body Shop with its environmental theme and dark green colors, nothing like how it is now. This similarity got them in a serious trouble and was sued for copying. As a result of this lawsuit, Bath & Body Works decided on using a totally different approach with gingham, wooden barrels and an ode to country living. And this was how the famous Heartland Era was born.

But Bath & Body Works was more than just a ‘cozy country home’ store; it gave a new perspective to the way people took care of themselves. They introduced women to the concept of using the shower gel with a bath pouf instead of a bar of soap and the body splash instead of perfume. This was not very common back in those days and you can thank Bath & Body Works for making these products mainstream. When the 21st century came around, it was time for the modern apothecary theme. The red gingham and wooden barrels was replaced with a fresher look with white tables and white walls.

Today, with an intention to bring spa level products into the homes of their consumers, Bath & Body Works creates luxurious products that are readily available in the widest variety of scents and body care products. The company focuses on continual innovation with the introduction of new fragrances and the use of natural ingredients and botanical options.

Sweet Smelling Scents that takes you to cloud nine

Bath & Body Works are known for creating the widest range of fragrances to suit your every mood. But with so many choices and scent, the selection for your favorite one can be overwhelming. To make your life easier, here are Bath & Body Works top 10 fragrances that are loved by everyone.

  1. Warm Vanilla Sugar
  2. Twilight Woods
  3. Japanese Cherry Blossom
  4. Vanilla Bean Noel
  5. Winter Candy Apple
  6. Sweet Pea
  7. Pink Chiffon
  8. Country Apple
  9. Carried Away
  10. Velvet Sugar

Advantages of Bath & Body Works

Throughout the years, Bath & Body Works have revolutionized their purpose which now involves not only cleaning the body but also helps to unwind while bathing, keeping your skin healthy as well as making you as fragrant as ever. Here are some of advantages why Bath and Body Works Philippines is a great brand for you.

  • It helps in the relaxation of the mind and the body. The use of essential old and bath products are always related to relaxation of the mind and the body and the products from this brand is something that is delicate and useful to the body
  • It leaves sweet, smelling scents. The soaps, shower gels and shower mists are created to provide a long lasting sweet smelling scent that will leave you feeling fresh for the whole day.
  • It cleanses the body. The mild hypoallergenic characteristics in the Bath & Body Works products keep you skin safe and clean, with a lingering sweet smelling scent.
  • It invigorates the skin. When you are out the whole day, you will notice how much you skin can dry out. With the products from this brand, you keep your skin moisturized, radiant and soft the whole day.

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