Proper hygiene and good grooming are a necessary factor that helps keep your body healthy. Being unable to shower, brush your teeth, comb your hair, apply deodorant, or even shave encourages the growth of bacteria around the body which causes unpleasant body odor. Moreover, failure to maintain proper hygiene can make you look untidy and undesirable. Check out our selection of bath and body products below or read more here.


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Health and Hygiene with Bath and Body Products

Good hygiene portrays a good body image, and is an indication of health. It is crucial that each individual maintains good hygiene through the use of bath and body products that are aimed to keep your body fresh, clean, and tidy. There is a wide spectrum of bath and body products available, from the products you use in the shower to lotions, moisturizers, fragrances, and accessories that could help maintain good hygiene for your body.

Bath and body products that everyone must have

Keeping your body clean from top to toe is important to keep your body healthy. It is also a great habit that would make you a better, more confident individual. Make hygiene your priority and grab at least three of these products from iPrice!

Shower necessities

Nothing is more relaxing and refreshing that hitting the shower after a long day. Not only does a quick trip in the bath a revitalizing experience, it also helps keep your body clean by getting rid of oils, dirt, dust, and dead skin that have accumulated throughout the day. Shampoos, soaps, feminine wash, bath bombs, shower gels, and scrubs are a great addition to your bathroom buddies.


Keep your skin healthy and moisturized after a bath with soothing lotions that provide the needed nutrients for your skin. Aside from its hydrating benefits, lotions also have scents that helps bring calmness and relaxation as you apply the product.


Every adult needs a deodorant. Applied on the armpits, deodorants helps inhibit moisture and sweat, and prevents the spread of odor-causing bacteria that exists in the area.

Hair removal

Having body hair is natural and is a personal choice if you want to have them removed or not. WIth the use of razors, shaving gels, shaving creams, or any hair removal products, removing hair is much easier with less after-shave cuts, and provides a smoother finish than by simply using a razor.


Make your baths even better with great products that stimulate and exfoliate your skin! Bath scrubs, back scrubs, loofas, toothbrushes, body sponges, etc., are all classified as accessories.

Shop for your favorite bath and body products from iPrice!

Bath and body products should be a part of your daily habits, whether showering, clipping your nails, washing your hair, cleaning your face, etc. Study shows that by keeping your body clean, you are likely to catch diseases, have great mental constitution, confidence and health. The best bath and body brands are now available in Philippines such as Aveeno, Nivea, Clinique, and so much more!