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Bath and Body Accessories for Men

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Shower Loofah Men Bath Sponge CINRA 4 Pack Black Lufa Sponge Luffa Sponge Body Scrubber Mesh Brush Pouf Bath Shower Sponge for Men Exfoliate, Cleanse, Soothe Skin
₱ 1,889.00

How to use CINRA shower loofah men? apply soap or body wash and gently massage all over body after shower, rinse and dry shower scrubber use body care cream, moisturizes the skin soaked with hot water at weekly, Use body care cream after using the shower pouf, moisturizes the skin soaked with hot water at weekly What do you need to pay attention of CINRA bath sponge? ❤When using the sponge pouf, take care in case bath foam get into your eyes, if unlucky, rinse immediately with water. ❤Use body care cream after using the shower sponge pouf, moisturizes the skin soaked with hot water ❤After the shower, make sure the bath sponge is cleaned, dry body sponge and place in a dry location to avoid moisture bacteria. ❤Soaked with hot water before use, replace loofah for men at least every 2 months. ❤Do not pull too hard avoid distortion when using the sponge pouf What is the features of CINRA lufa sponge? CINRA loofah body scrubber made with PE material that make you more relaxing in bath time,promote blood circulation, and renew skin, making your skin smoothly and comfortable. Great for exfoliating! Soft to the touch, but rough enough to give you smooth, silky skin, keep skin healthier, colorful for each family members. Why choose CINRA loofah sponge as gift? ❤Enjoyable, relaxing, soothingly luxurious bubble baths, showers and bathing experiences - are now possible! ❤Large size ensures higher area-coverage, yet lightweight at only 60 grams for maximum ease. ❤Perfect for normal to sensitive skins. Great for daily body or skin exfoliating and cleansing routines for both men and women. shower sponge How about the CINRA Team Service? CINRA Team is committed to creating high quality mens shower sponge as well as ensuring customer satisfaction. What are you waiting for?

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Men's Body Wash Kit, All Natural Sandalwood And Vanilla Scented Body Wash And Lotion Gift Set With 3M Buf-Puf Body Sponge In A Wooden Box
₱ 4,759.00

Even as a man you need to take part when it comes to your skin and it's health. Incorporated with this gift set is the 3M double sided tear drop body sponge to thoroughly cleanse skin of dirt and excess oil and soothes away rough, dry skin. The gentle body wash and body lotion for men leaves skin clean, refreshed, and soothed, with an invigorating essence. This hydrating men's body wash removes dirt and debris from the body without stripping skin of moisture. The hydrating men's body lotion is crammed full of rich and moisturizing ingredients that will help replenish your rough and dry skin that was created by your harsh working conditions. Our all natural, long lasting and hydrating body wash and body lotion will help keep even the most manly of men clean and smelling sweetly masculine.

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