Belo skincare was founded by renowned dermatologist Vicki Belo in the Philippines. After successfully opening her clinic, Belo branched out to skincare products that are more accessible. With Belo products, you can achieve the results of one of her treatments right at home. Discover more about Belo Philippines below.


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Beauty is not a physical quantity that could be measured. It is more to what you feel for yourself for instance to Zoe Saldana, glamour is about feeling good in her own skin. End of the day, beauty is self-confidence applied directly to the face. However according to Erno Laszo beautiful skin requires commitment not a miracle. Hence it is our responsibility to maintain a flawless and supple skin. So in order for you to have a better understanding on which skin care product to commit yourself into, you should know where exactly does beauty begin and it none other than Belo.

Belo Philippines Online Store

Women out there today have their hands full with a lot of things to handle. Juggling with career, family and social life are already tiring enough and to expect them to find more time to do research on the best skin care product and finding them in the market sound a little impossible. So what can you do with only a little amount of time you have? Yes, you guessed it right! Online shopping it is! With the services that online stores provide you, you don’t have to move an inch from your couch to get your Belo products. You can now shop peacefully without the worries of getting stuck in the traffic or finding your way through the crowded mall to find your product. This is made even easier by visiting the website for the latest Belo deals and promotions in store.

Belo Philippines Prices

Belo has a wide selection of products ranging from Belo SPFs to Glutathione Creams. Even though these effective creams and peels are made from the most effective ingredients and highly advanced production system, Belo ensures that the products are affordable by everyone. The pricing ranges from ₱59.75 onwards.

About Belo

Founded in 2012 by the Belo Medical Group, Belo is all about transforming people into the most beautiful version of them. Skin is usually harmed by the UV rays from the sun and we need SPF to protect our skin from the harmful UV rays. Many people out there don’t know which product suits them the most and sometimes people tend to choose the wrong one and end up being depressed and frustrated over the results. That is why Belo has worked hard over the years to bring us the perfect SPFs and Glutathione Creams to ensure that we have a skin that is crystal clear and glows healthily. Besides that, the products are made with ingredients that will make your skin fairer and softer. So now this is your chance to not only be beautiful but Belo Beautiful. Grab Belo and be beautiful for eternity!

Belo Social Media

Today's world is all about advanced technologies and social media is a form of advanced technology as well. Social media has helped us improve our life in many ways. For example thanks to social media, now we have the opportunity to keep in touch with someone from across the globe. Besides that, social media also creates awareness and brings us all together. Thus, social media is used by Belo in a way to benefit its global consumers. You can now follow Belo on Facebook to learn more about its products. In addition to that, you can also follow Belo on Instagram and Twitter @belobeauty to get updated on its latest products and amazing discounts!