Ben Sherman is a very well-known British clothing brand that sells suits, shirts, shoes, sweaters, outerwear and accessories mainly for men. The company has its trademark of fashionable button-down collared, short-sleeved shirts during its beginnings in the 1960s. Ben Sherman is often called as the mod target because the designs sometimes feature the Royal Air Force roundel. Find out more here!


Ben Sherman Philippines: British Fashion, Personalized Style

The exciting history of Ben Sherman Original Since 1963

Arthur Benjamin Sugarman founded the company in 1963, who was born in Brighton. In 1946, he changed his nationality to American when he immigrated to the United States. He then returned to Brighton in 1963 and established a shirt factory at 21 Bedford Square when he married the daughter of a Californian clothes producer.

In the early 1960s during the London-based modern jazz, he decided to produce a version of Oxford-cloth American button-down shirts, together with a collection of the multi-color, resort-wear vacation clothes that were growing famously in both the Mediterranean Europe and the U.S. The Ben Sherman Originals label was then created and had opened a small office on the upper floors of an office block in a London backstreet in 1965. The small office is then made as the showroom for their collections. In 1967, the first Ben Sherman store was established in Brighton.

Sugarman sold his business in 1975 and the company has passed through a multitude of hands in the following years. In 2010, The Oxford Industries discontinued The Ben Sherman women wear and children wear collections that existed in the 2000s. The Ben Sherman then opened a store at Savile Row on 11 October 2010.

Ben Sherman: The British Clothing Brand Collections

Ben Sherman clothing is using high-quality materials and the stitching is very detailed. The Ben Sherman clothing has 13 categories, which are shirts, knitwear, jackets & coats, Harrington Jackets, blazers, Polo shirts, T-Shirts, denim, chinos & trousers, swimwear, vests, shorts and other essentials. You can get the clothing with the prizes ranged between $20 to $50 but most of them are over $50.

Ben Sherman shirts have different interesting cuts which are regular fit, which is known as mod fit and also slim fit, known as Soho fit. Therefore, you can choose the cut according to your desire. The shirts also come with a number of styles, which are the long-sleeved, short-sleeved, collared and round neck. You can choose the colour as the clothing comes with different high-end fashionable colours like staples navy, letterbox red, pine grove and much more.

The essentials provided by Ben Sherman are the necessities that you MUST have to be styled with other Ben Sherman clothing. There is a few types of belt, shirt, jacket, card case, wallet, vest, short and much more under the essentials category. The designs by Ben Sherman are mostly mod style and very youth-culture yet gentlemen looking. If you want to look like those good-looking British men, Ben Sherman will make the cut!

Ben Sherman Philippines: The Mod Inspired

Ben Sherman Philippines shirts are either short sleeved or long sleeved. The shirts have variety of design patterns; you can either have the plain, the checkered, the repetition of a certain pattern, stripes and many more. The colours are all different for each of the shirts, which is interesting. Ben Sherman Philippines shirts designs are mostly casual yet sharp looking for you gentlemen. You can find different t-shirt colours and printed images on the t-shirts.
Ben Sherman Philippines jackets come with button and zip up jackets. The colours are mostly in dark colour such as dark blue, dark green and grey. You will be surprise to find checkered designed jackets!
Sweaters & Sweatshirts
Trendy and fashionable designs that come in different styles and colours.
Pants, Shorts & Bermudas
Ben Sherman Philippines pants and bermudas are very sleek looking! You can find the most suitable cut or fit for you as they come with different cuttings. The pants are either black, blue or green in colours and the colours are varying with different colour tones.
Yes, Ben Sherman Philippines has a number of ties! The tie designs are suitable for all ages and suitable for all occasions.
Swimming trunks
You read that right! Here in iprice, you can find JUST two designs of swimming trunks. Ben Sherman Philippines swimming trunks are of good quality and fashionable. Well, first come, first serve, lads!
Ben Sherman Malaysia also provides you the good-looking turtlenecks. It is rare to have turtlenecks as today’s fashion, but if you are the go-getter, the ‘hipster’ kind and are into turtlenecks, you can definitely choose Ben Sherman and shop till you drop!
Though Malaysia is with a climate of hot and humid country, the cardigans are somehow today’s youth fashion. No matter how hot it gets, the lads would still wear the cardigans for fashion purposes. But not to worry, Ben Sherman cardigans are with comfortable and breathable material!
Handsome looking blazers! That’s right, I am referring to Ben Sherman Malaysia blazers. If you are planning to go out for a date, do get yourself Ben Sherman blazers. Why? Read the first word from the first sentence!

It doesn’t hurt to know more!

In 2004 till in 2015, the Atlanta-based apparel company Oxford Industries owned the Ben Sherman brand. Ben Sherman was then sold to Marquee Brands, which, controlled by the American private equity firm Neuberger Berman in 2015.