Billabong is one of the most iconic lifestyle and surf brands and their ever-popular swimwear collection is always evolving. Read more about Billabong swimwear Philippines below because they always have something for everybody!

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Billabong was founded in Gold Coast, Australia in 1973 by Gordon Merchant. Its name, derived from the Wiradjuri word ‘bilabaŋ’ which means ‘creek that runs only during rainy season’ has now become one of the most world-renowned surf and lifestyle brands. The brand that started off humbly with handmade board shorts in Merchant’s home has progressed into one with an extensive fashionable yet durable swimwear collection.

Why people love Billabong?

Billabong started off with Gordon and Rena Merchant designing and making board shorts from their flat. Surfers soon realised the durability of the board shorts due to a technique Merchant developed; an intricate triple-stitching technique that withstood even the toughest of elements. Gordon’s board shorts were also favoured due to its no-nonsense practicality and functionality.

This functionality and durability vision now fused with fashionable designs have created a swimwear collection which is well loved by both genders.

Billabong Swimwear for Everyone

While Billabong offers a vast choice of swimwear with all sorts of styles and design, the men’s collection is limited to board shorts. On the plus side, board shorts look flattering on most, if not all the guys. The ladies, on the other hand, are offered a lot more variety and choosing the right swimwear is important to look your best at the pool or at the beach. So, it is necessary to know your body shape to pick out the most flattering swimwear. Lucky for you, we’ve compiled a list of body types and the styles that would or would not look best on you!

Pear-shaped Ladies

You are smaller on top and have curvier hips at the bottom. The most ideal swimsuit type would be one that can balance both proportions and yet have enough coverage for the bottom. A swimsuit with a plunging neckline will be able to draw attention away from your bottom whereas a thick-banded bottom like a boy short will do the complete opposite and should be avoided.

Large Bust Ladies

You are well-endowed on the top and require more support so opt for a swimsuit with an underwire or moulded cups to get that extra support! Try to avoid ruffles and embellishments as that would only draw more attention to your top.

Small Bust Ladies

You have smaller proportions on top with either an A or B cup. Since you will only require minimum coverage, one of the option is triangle tops or you can also go for ruffles and embellishments to create an illusion of a bigger chest.

More Athletic Ladies

You have a more compact body with fewer curves. Therefore, the goal is to play up your curves. Monokinis with strategically placed cut-outs can help create an illusion of smaller waists. Another option would be bikini bottoms that have tie-sides that will help enhance your curves.

Short Torso Ladies

To elongate your body, try optimising lower rise bottoms and higher bustline. Another option would be wearing embellished tops or halter necks to draw attention to your neck and shoulders.

Curvier Ladies

These are for ladies who have both fuller hips and busts. The tip is to look for a cut that is flattering and yet have enough coverage. Avoid monokinis if you are not keen on accentuating your curves while colour blocking is an effective way of highlighting your shape. Another option are high waisted bottoms as they can work very well with curvier bodies.