The reason you are on this page is because you know how amazing Birkenstock sandals are. Their unparalleled comfort are the perfect fit for healthy walking. Pick your fav among our largest selection below or know more about Birkenstock sandals here.

Birkenstock Thong Sandals
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Birkenstock Sandals- Taking comfort to a whole new level

When you pair of sandals is not lasting as long as you want it to or you just need something new in your shoe wardrobe that screams comfort and style, then Birkenstock sandals is all you need. They provide you the support and comfort you need for all your excursions.

Birkenstock sandals, a pair of unique perfection

A pioneer in the fine art of shoemaking, Birkenstock makes footwear that are designed to ease discomfort and provide relief from tiredness. With that being said, it one of the best footwear for the health of anyone’s feet and has many benefits. The brand that has expanded all the way from Germany has left a mark in the shoe industry. Johann Adam Birkenstock, the founder, was the first to develop a contoured insole on 1902 that was used by shoemakers to make custom made shoes. Birkenstock has since gained popularity for their sandals and shoes all over the world for exhibiting the best workmanship and of the utmost quality.

Birkenstock, creating sandals with the anatomy of comfort

If you ever have a chance to cut open a pair of Birkenstock sandals like how you would cut open a frog in your Biology class back in school. Then you would be able to see the greatest anatomy a sandal could ever have. One that is made of comfort and practicality. Here is the breakdown of what you would surely find in a Birkenstock sandals.

  • Flexion – When you take a step, your foot flexes to support your body. The Birkenstock sole and cork footbed flex with your feet for the maximum comfort when you walk.
  • Neutral Heel – Do you know that elevated heels causes the body to move out of its natural alignment? With Birkenstock’s neutral heel, the body is properly aligned using the weight-bearing bones and muscles. The sandal’s deep heel cup positions the natural padding of the foot under your heel bone to absorb shock and support your weight.
  • Roomy Toebox – The footbed in a Birkenstock Sandals allows enough room for your little toes to move naturally. For correct foot alignment, the inside edge follows a straight line from the big toe to the heel.
  • Contoured Footbed – This footbed is made to look exactly like the anatomy of the foot so that the body weight can be equally distributed to the entire sole of the foot. It allows enough room for comfort and guides your foot into a healthy walking position.

Birkenstock Sandals, why you need this comfort

  1. It is the original comfort shoe. Birkenstock has in the footwear business for more than 225 years and never gives up in their belief that comfort is the true measure of a shoes worth.
  2. The footbed is everything. As your feet is the one that keeps your body in balance and cushion the shocks, it is important to take care of your feet with Birkenstock’s world first contoured cork/latex footbed. It allows the body weight to be distributed evenly over the whole foot.
  3. Designed by the best. Think of Birkenstocks as a performance sandals that orthopedically designed and constructed to offer comfort and support that other shoes just can’t match.
  4. Improves Posture and reduces back pain. Birkenstock shoes are designed with the ball slightly higher than usual which forces more weight unto the heel. This will create better overall weight distribution and proper walking conditions, encouraging better posture which will reduce and prevent back aches.

Birkenstock Sandals – Unsurpassed comfort for every sensitive feet

Not everyone on this earth is a fan of this great pair of sandals. But hey, their lost is your gain! Let the haters hate for only you know the joy of putting your feet in a pair of Birkenstock sandals. But if you are still new to the family, here are some of our favourite sandals that might inspire your choices.

  • Birkenstock Arizona Unisex Adults’s Sandals
  • Birkenstock Gizeh, Women’s Sandals
  • Birkenstock Mayari Women’ Sandals
  • Birkenstock Toe Thong Footbed Black Sandals
  • Birkenstock Rio Girl’s Sandals

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