Bitdefender Philippines is a world-renowned manufacturer of antivirus software. They offer cyber security programs that cater the needs of various users. Whether you are using a Windows-based computer or Mac, Bitdefender has the best software for you. If you are in the market for one, here are some tips to help you learn how to choose the right antivirus. Or check out the latest Bitdefender products below!

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Tips for Selecting the Right Antivirus for Your Business with Bitdefender

One good thing about viruses is that they spark competition in the market so manufacturers would come up with the best antivirus software. This leads to a wide array of options, making it hard to choose the right one. But here is a narrowed-down list of what your antivirus should do.

Able to scan e-mails, documents, etc.

Your antivirus shouldn’t just guard you against downloading a malware from a website. It should also protect your attachments and documents from viruses. A third-party security program like the Bitdefender offers you this kind of protection from viruses and other malware. Not only that, it also shields your system against phishing attacks, fraud, and suspicious activity.

Bitdefender antivirus software in the Philippines is created for everyone who wants to keep their data secure without having to worry about details. After it is installed in your computer, it takes care of everything with no complex configuration to worry about.

Aside from easy installation, this software comes with a firewall that monitors traffic entering and exiting your network. This creates an added layer of defense that keeps malware from going into the firewall and checks outgoing traffic to make sure no threats will enter your system. With this software, viruses, worms, Trojans, and spyware can easily be detected and blocked.

Another good thing about this software is that it does not annoy you with updates. It still ensures your computer is free from threats even if you do not open the program. But if you want to make sure your files are safe, it’s best to perform a full system scan or look through each file manually. With Bitdefender, checking files is a breeze; you just drop them onto the program window. Together with its simple interface, it’s no surprise that many users prefer this program compared to others with complicated software.

Centralized or stand alone: it’s up to you

If you’re running a small business, say about five employees, you can install software on each of their PC. With that, you will not experience a lot of hassle from setting them up and they cost less. On the other hand, if your company has more than 5 employees, a centralized software is the best option. This is because it provides you a single control panel to easily manage your security across the network of computers. This will keep your data security in an organized manner, however, it will require you to have a technical expertise to use it and cost more to maintain.

If you’re looking for a great centralized software, Bitdefender has a GravityZone Business Security program, which is perfect for small businesses. This software is best known for its usability without providing any false positive results. This means it doesn’t quickly identify and blocks harmless program such as Adobe from running, unlike other programs that do not let you run harmless programs that they find hazardous. Since this software from Bitdefender received a score of 100 from AV-TEST, one of the internationally recognized antivirus testing labs, it guarantees you that you won’t get a false positive. This benefits small businesses in a way that it will not slow down computers or affect the employees’ productivity.

Avoid software that uses so much memory

This is often overlooked by many buyers. As a result, it grinds their computer’s performance to a halt as the software consumes a lot of memory. However, if your employees’ computers are equipped with 4 GB or more RAM, then you don’t to worry too much if you’re using an antivirus that is not memory efficient. Otherwise, you need to find an effective program such as the Bitdefender Antivirus Plus which would not slow down your employees’ computers.

Able to do full system scans

Although this usually takes a long time to complete, it is a very important procedure. To avoid employees from getting frustrated while waiting long periods to complete a full system scan, it’s best to schedule it during when they are not using their computers. Otherwise, it could waste a lot of your employees’ work time.

If you’re looking for an efficient software in Philippines that does speedy system scans, then the Bitdefender GravityZone Business Security is an ideal option. Not only does it perform quick scans but also a user-friendly dashboard where you can easily change the settings, add computers and devices with ease and much more! With that, there’s no need for you to have a dedicated IT staff since the software is very functional and efficient.