Blackberry have always been the smartphone brand for business users - features like encryption and their iconic physical keyboard on their smartphones make it stand out among others. Blackberry's latest smartphone, the Blackberry Priv, runs on Android; which makes the phone brand even more accessible to many who prefer Android and still want the physical keyboard. Read more about Blackberry here.


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BlackBerry PRIV ₱ 8,776.00 Shopee
BlackBerry Passport ₱ 12,063.00 Shopee
BlackBerry Key2 ₱ 62,019.00 Galleon
BlackBerry KEYone ₱ 15,221.00 Shopee
BlackBerry PRIV Black ₱ 8,776.00 Shopee
BlackBerry Q10 ₱ 5,411.10 Shopee
BlackBerry Z10 ₱ 3,500.00 Shopee
BlackBerry Motion ₱ 23,331.00 Galleon
BlackBerry Passport Black ₱ 12,856.00 Galleon
BlackBerry Q5 ₱ 5,317.00 Shopee
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BlackBerry PRIV

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Blackberry Smartphones Philippines

About Blackberry

The BlackBerry is actually a line of smartphones and also some proprietary telecommunication services that are designed and marketed by the company Blackberry Limited – it used to be called Research In Motion (RIM) Limited. The first smart device from RIM was a clamshell-type two-way pager called the Inter@ctive Pager 900. This device would pave the path for RIM to continue making smart telecommunications devices such as pagers and an email pager, the Blackberry 850 (also the first device from them to carry the name Blackberry). All these devices would ultimately end up with Blackberry smartphones and their iconic QWERTY styled keyboards on the devices.

What makes Blackberry smartphones special?

Blackberry phones have always been targeted towards the business market, specifically targeting business persons who want a secure and safer mobile device. Blackberry smartphones uses their own operating software which also features their own proprietary Blackberry Messenger app. The Blackberry messenger app is so famous and reputable at that time that eventually it also made its way to other smartphones running other operating systems for cross platform communication.

Almost every single Blackberry smartphone features a QWERTY keypad and a little trackpad from which users can navigate through the phones. The keypad or keyboard would become an iconic feature of Blackberry smartphones. The keyboard provided an advantage against touchscreen virtual keyboards because they provide a tactile feedback which leads to a much better typing experience.

Blackberry Z10

The Blackberry Z10 is a Blackberry smartphone that caught the world pretty much by surprise. It runs on the latest Blackberry 10 operating system, and its design was a radical departure from previous Blackberry phones, but not all that different from smartphones of other brands. The Blackberry Z10 is the first Blackberry smartphone that does not have a physical QWERTY keyboard but a virtual keyboard packed into a 4.2 inch HD touchscreen display. Fans of the traditional physical keypad were not thrilled with the departure, but the phone was nonetheless quite well received generally, with some appreciating the new updated looks for the Blackberry Z10.

Blackberry Q10

The Blackberry Q10 is another phone that runs on the Blackberry 10 operating system, but unlike the Z10, the Q10 retains the classic QWERTY keypad layout and also a touchscreen to navigate through the phone. Fans of the previous classic Blackberry designs appreciated the Q10's design which harkens back to the previous designs, and it was generally very well received by many critics as well.

Blackberry Priv, introducing Android

The Blackberry Priv is a unique Blackberry smartphone, not because it had a very unique slide out keyboard design, but because it ran the Android operating system as a standard. It is currently the first and only Blackberry smartphone to run on Android 5.0 Marshmallow which is stock and unmodified, giving users a pure Google Android experience. The Blackberry Priv features software optimized encryption for further security so that business users can use it safely without fear of their information getting leaked or easily accessed.

Although Blackberry may be a brand that seems quite "old-school" today, their latest Blackberry Priv smartphone that runs on Android puts them right back into the game again. So get a Blackberry smartphone in Philippines if you want something that looks smart and is secure for all your personal and work information.