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Experience the Unmatched Performance of Bluedio Philippines

Despite the intense competition in the market of headphones, Bluedio proves that it is able to make the mark on the market with its incredible headphone designs. Not just that, Bluedio is also all about creating an awesome experience as you use its products.

Time to Transform Your Lifestyle

Bluedio pushes the established rules in order to create life-changing products. Most importantly, Bluedio designs its products to transform your lifestyle like never before. This means that you can expect the Bluedio products can make the real difference in your life. Needless to say, Bluedio is proud to bring the future into your life. Enjoy your newly found joy with awesome Bluedio products.

Driving Your Dreams

If you dream of authentic audio experience, you do not have to look further because Bluedio is there to realize your dreams. As a matter of fact, every Bluedio product has been designed deliberately to make sure that you can enjoy your favorite music without any form of distractions. Furthermore, Bluedio will take your audio experience to the next level.

Embrace the Future

Unlike most brands and manufacturers in the market, Bluedio encourages you to enjoy the full fruits of technology. From the design of its products to their performance, Bluedio incorporates the newest innovative features so that you can embrace the future. Enjoy the wonders of the best audio technology that is available in the market!

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If you desire authentic audio experience, you should check out Bluedio since it offers a huge selection of exceptional headphone designs. Read more about Bluedio Philippines below to find out.

Description: Features:1.3rd generation In~ear earphone: It's kind of tireless pursuit for better sound and more comfortable. Earphone of I5 may provide richer and implicit tonal quality just like listen to Boesendorfer sound. 2.Micro~SD music: Micro~SD card to play all your favourite songs and transfer documents to your card via cable. 3.fm radio: You can listen to your favourite new songs and get latest information instantly. 4.Strong multipoint pairing: Connect 2 mobile phones simultaneously by Bluetooth 3.0 wirelessly help you stay connect with life. Thus I5 can compatible with most of Smartphone and PC include but not limit to iPhone Samsung HTC Sony Nokia Blackberry Huawei ZTE etc. 5.Work as a BT receiver: Connect headset and mobile phone via Bluetooth then connect the 3.5mm jack of the headset and amplifier via your connection cable. Last you'll get a new wireless Hifi amplifier)(Need to use your own connection cable) 6. 100hrs ultra~long standby time and 6hrs music/talk time. 7.eq adjust: Under BT mode there are 4 kind of EQ can be choose by the sequence of default EQ off Treble and Pop. (Press vol+ ~ simultaneously to achieve charge the headset restore to default mode) Specifications:Bluetooth Version: V3.0Operating Distance: Up To 10m (free space)Support Profile: A2Dp Avrcp HSP HFPTalk Time: around 6 hoursBluetooth Music Playtime: around 6 hoursStandby Time: around 100 hoursCharging Time: around 1.5~2 hoursFrequency Response: 20Hz~20kHzSensitivity: 112dBSize: About 55x23x15mmColor: Black Included: 1 x I5 Bluetooth Headset1 x USB Charging Cable1 x User Manual Read more
Bluedio Q5, the latest generation Bluetooth sports headset, is now leading a fashion trend in the marketplace. Revolutionarily, Q5 has no control box, and it can stay firmly in your ear with the included T-light ear tips. High-technically, Q5 uses the latest Bluetooth 4.1 chip, advanced NR noise reduction for microphone, providing you the best Bluetooth experience and clear calls. Want a best Bluetooth sports headset, Bluedio Q5 is the best choice. Specifications: Color: red, green, blue Bluetooth version: V4.1+EDR Supported profiles: A2DP、AVRCP、HSP、HFP Drive: Φ 10mm Speaker impedance: 16Ω SPL: 110dB THD: Frequency response: 20Hz-20KHz Operating distance: up to 10m Talk time: about 7hrs Music time: about 7hrs Standby time: about 220hrs Fully charged time: about 2hrs Headset size: 35.8×30×29.5mm Package size: 101×47×200mm Headset weight: 16g Package weight: 194g In the box: Bluedio Q5 headset 1pc Charging cable 1pc Ear buds 3pc(S,M,L) Ear tips 1pc User manual 1pc Tips: Pair with the headphones: 1.Long press the MF Button until the blue lamp constantly light. 2. Open your phone's Bluetooth function to search the device which needs to be connected, search "Bluedio". 3. Compatible Devices: IOS, Android ,Windows or Other Bluetoooth devices About Bluedio Bluedio is a manufacturer pioneer in portable audio device, providing solutions of professional audio and wireless communication. In 2009, we have registered Bluedio as our trademark in the USA, later obtained certificates from China and the whole world. So far, Bluedio has owned over 30 patents, highly praised by consumers over 34 countries. Read more
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Bluedio V (Victory) Pro Patented PPS12 Drivers Wireless Bluetooth headphones (Black)
₱ 14,488.00

Why You Should Choose Bluedio Philippines Wireless Headphones

Nowadays, the ubiquitous headphones have been increasingly seen as necessities instead of luxuries. Given the fact that we are surrounded by modern devices, the headphones are actually common accessories that we use all the time. When it comes to listening to your content (song, video or etc.) privately, you will appreciate the amazing power of the headphones.

Contrary to the popular opinion, there are advantages of choosing wireless headphones over the wired ones. As a starter, the long cord or wire of the wired headphone can be annoying at times as it is not fun when you get tangled with it. Not just that, you also have to keep the wire carefully or it will keep on falling down. In fact, you will know why the wireless headphones are being preferred these days. Therefore, there is a simple guide that gives you great reasons for choosing wireless headphones.

What You Should Know before Buying Wireless Headphones

Before buying your own wireless headphones, there are several factors that you should take into account. Moreover, these are the important things that can affect how you enjoy your wireless headphones.

Types of Wireless Headphones

Generally, there are three main types of wireless headphones: infra-red, radio frequency and Bluetooth. The first two wireless headphones require separate transmitter to do well while the Bluetooth headphone does not require one. First, the infra-red wireless headphone is the type of wireless headphone that has been used less these days. In order to work well, the infra-red wireless headphone require an unobstructed line of sight between the headphone and transmitter.

As for the radio frequency, wireless headphone possesses powerful signal that actually passes through walls. Not just that, it can work up to 150 feet. However, interference is still a problem as it actually increases with distance. Finally, the Bluetooth wireless headphone is an amazing option especially if you dislike the idea of having a separate transmitter. Furthermore, you can use it with other Bluetooth-friendly devices such as smartphones, tablets, gaming consoles, TVs, laptops and others.

Bluetooth Connection & Sound Quality

Most of the time, people often associate Bluetooth with poor audio performance. While it must be noted that the Bluetooth is not designed with streaming high-quality music in mind, the latest Bluetooth technology has eliminated its predecessors' problem of producing harsh sound. Basically, the combination of both audio software player and headphone makes it possible for you to enjoy your content. In other words, the performance of Bluetooth wireless headphone has been said to be very impressive especially in terms of audio richness and clarity.

Latency can be an issue when there is a short delay between an audio signal's entry into the headphone and the time when you can hear it. Practically, you will feel the sound can be out of sync. However, newer Bluetooth versions have solved such problem with ease. In addition, it will be great if you can get Bluetooth headphones that support aptX. However, it is useless if your own mobile devices are unable to take advantage of aptX audio compression technology. Yet, there is still hope because there are other amazing headphone models that offer impressive audio quality despite not using aptX.

Battery Life

Usually, the wireless headphones require their own power supply and this can be found in the form of either standard disposable batteries or built-in rechargeable batteries. Besides, the ones with wireless transmitters also utilize the transmitters as charging dock. Basically, you can expect your wireless headphones to last between 8 and 12 hours. Such all day performance is really quite impressive. Amazingly, there are other models that can even promise you with 40 hours of usage.

It must be noted that your battery performance actually depends on the volume. Needless to say, your battery will last shorter as your audio gets louder. At the same time, you should pay attention to manufacturer's spec sheets as it shows more towards optimum condition as opposed to real-world use. Realistically, you should check out the power management of the headphones so that you can know whether it can consume less power while offering amazing audio quality.

Form Factor

Generally, there are three styles that are available for your standard wireless headphones. They are over-the-ear, on-ear and in-ear styles. While the first two resemble like their wired cousins, the in-ear style is actually more different. This is because the in-ear Bluetooth earphones are usually comprised of large earpiece that is connected by a cable. In addition, there is another design that is characterized by its normal-sized earpiece that utilizes thick and rigid neckband that stores the essential electronics.

Amazingly, there are newer designs that are literally wireless. These designs sports earbuds that fit well with your ears as they sit directly in them. As if it is not enough, some of them also contain storage capacity so that you do not need to use smartphone as your storage device. In fact, there are no other wireless headphones that truly exemplify the true meaning of wireless headphones like them. As for the specialized fitness version of them, they also feature fitness-related functions such as heart rate monitor and others. Despite the smaller battery life due to an understandably smaller body of in-ear headphones, they prove to be well-received by the crowd.

Bluedio Philippines Wireless Headphones

When it comes to wireless headphones, Bluedio possesses an impressive array of stunning designs. Furthermore, you will be thrilled to discover that its own product line offers highly recommended features that fit well with your requirement. Most importantly, you can enjoy the true experience of wireless headphones with Bluedio products. For more incredible Bluedio products, you should take a look at Bluedio audio & Hi Fi products.

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