BMW, an automobile brand that is famous for producing cars that are fast and luxurious also has a collection of very interesting merchandises. This German brand certainly has not just created a lineup of excellent cars and motorcycles as well as a reputation but also merchandises that are synced with the brand’s superior quality and designs. Look at BMW’s premium offerings at iprice store below.


Two men that gave birth to the BMW brand

In 1916, Karl Rapp and Gustav Otto with their respective firms – Rapp Motorenwerke company that made engines and Flugmaschinenfabrik Gustav Otto company that made aircrafts has merged to become the Bayerische Motoren Werke GmbH, now globally known as BMW. At the end of the 1920s, BMW unveiled its world-famous emblem that took the shaped of a rotating propeller with the state colours of Bavaria and made its first appearance in the firm’s adverts and on all its products. The brand achieved a great milestone in 1923 for its first motorbike debut. This first motorbike not only emerged as a sensation in the vehicle manufacturing industry, it also aspired the brand to be more innovative and in 1928, BMW took up the Eisenach vehicle plant and started to make its own automobiles.

Thus, BMW became an automobile maker and made cars at this plant in the Thuringia region of Germany until the Second World War broke out. During the war, BMW was transformed into a German war materials and armaments maker, and used its resources almost exclusively to make aircraft engines for the German Air Force. After the chaos, allied soldiers reclaimed and took hold of the BMW plants as they were categorized as an armaments company. Machines and tools at the plants were dismantled and from 1945 onwards, BMW temporally made kitchen utensils at its Berlin plant.

Labeled as one of the “German Big 3”, BMW’s development was not all calm and smooth. In the 1950s, the firm faced financial situations and by the end of 1959, it was at one point forced to a restructuring offer by Daimler-Benz. However, small shareholders and the workforce rejected the offer and managed to convince Herbert Quandt to expand his package of shares in BMW. The BMW 700 was a key factor in the deal and after receiving financial aid from the government, the firm is once again back on its own pace and following a restructure under Quandt’s management in 1960 BMW has since remained an independent company.

A brand that makes cars, each with its unique soul - BMW Philippines

After overcoming its setback in the 1950s, BMW became an even stronger brand and introduced the BMW New Class in 1961 and rise as the premium luxury car maker at the international level and currently remain as the only surviving German firm that still makes its own motorcycles. The expansion of its sales to other markets outside of Germany along with the expansion of its production network in the 1970s has created a mainframe for this successful car manufacturer.

We do not just build cars. Our innovations create emotion, enthusiasm, fascination and thrills. Ours is a passionate promise for the future, born from our unique history of reinvention. This has always been the brand’s commitment towards its customers. BMW cars are not only made with the best technology and resources, they also possess a unique soul that drives its owner to enjoy sheer driving pleasure. Owners of any BMW vehicle will definitely relate to their rides that has supreme sustainability and prestige.

Therefore, BMW Lifestyle is made with the same high standards that are put into the making of BMW motorised vehicles. Every product is produced using quality materials, contemporary designs and fineness of detail, therefore you can expect to get superior quality with each and every purchase made. Whether it is caps or watches, Powered Motorcycle for Kids, messenger bags or Motorsport, BMW Lifestyle has it all.

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