BMX is one of the biggest names in the world of bicycle extreme sports. Leading the way in performance speed on two wheels, BMX is perfect for adrenaline junkies. Find out more here.

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All your need for a BMX bike build

Speed, agility, adrenaline – the beauty of riding BMX bikes as an action sport. The bikes that we grew up with, BMX has made fixes since its beginnings. Long before bicycles with gears hit the market, BMX brought in superb technology in stunt bikes and performance racing on two wheels. Today, the authenticity of BMX is passed on to those who choose to take on the mantle. These chosen few dive into the art of building BMX bikes and customizing them to make speed and performance a priority. So how do you build your own BMX bike in the Philippines? Where do we go to customize our speed machines? We have the answers for these questions. Read more to find out.

Know your capabilities

Like any other project, you need to do your research before you start. Having a strong interest in BMX bikes helps a whole lot when starting a project. Firstly find out what exactly you want in a BMX bike. If it is speed you want, you will need an aerodynamic and heavy in the front. If you love doing stunts, you want a lightweight frame that can be jumped with you, with a whole lot of bounce in the tires. You will also want to look for tires that match your cycling preference.

Apart from tires and frames, customize your handlebar and grips for better balance and an easier hold on the bike’s front end. Pedals are equally important. In general, pedals that are smaller fit better under your feet. Let’s look further at what the essentials are for building a BMX bike.

Frame it up!

A BMX bike’s frame is what sets it apart from other types bicycles. That A-frame that houses all the components for a sweet ride must be kept as a priority. It must be rigid. All the weight of the moving parts - including the rider, is mounted taken by the frame of the bike. This means the frame must be strong enough to take a beating.

Steel frames are the traditional go-to when choosing a frame. Titanium frames do make good choices for frames too. Titanium’s ability to flex when exposed to stress and pressure makes it ideal for BMX bike frames. Titanium is also lighter than steel, so you can go ahead with all your incredible stunts. Of course, you will need to choose a frame that works with your stunts.

Handle your stuff!

The second important part of a BMX bicycle build is to look for a suitable handlebar. Typically, BMX handlebars are made to take the weight of the rider plus the pressure from the front tyre taking on humps and bumps while riding. Get one that comfortably fits the width of your shoulders. This is so you won’t have to stretch too far to reach them.

It is important to fix in your handlebars with strong bolts. Be sure to screw in the bolts as tight as possible so the handlebar won’t move. If your handlebar still moves after taking a hit, simple dismantle it, sand it down on the areas where it attaches to the frame. Use a coarse grit of sandpaper so the sanded part becomes a little rougher than its original texture. This will create more grip for the bolt-on attachment.

Get good rubber

Now that you’ve got two fundamental pieces of the BMX bike, you will need to move on to another tricky part of the build – bike tyres. Bike tyres are generally easy to choose but can become tricky if you don’t know what to look for. When choosing a BMX bike tyre, first choose the right size. You can get a simple breakdown of tyre sizes by asking your local bike shop. Simply give the specs of your frame and handlebar and they will tell you what sizes of tyres you can fix on. The smaller your tyre, the more pressure it can handle. Rims also make a difference when in the tyre’s performance. Metal rims are heavier but can take more pressure. Plastic rims are lighter and more aerodynamic.

Pedal to the metal

As said earlier, pedals are essential to the movement of your BMX bike. Choose pedals with plenty grip. Get pedals that are flush with the width of your stride. Be sure that your pedals are smooth when pedalled. As BMX rear brakes are deployed as soon as the rider pedals backwards, it is important that your pedals are able to swivel a good 360 degrees.

Along with pedals, you will need to get a chain that suits your riding. BMX bike chains have to be greased and maintained regularly for optimum performance. Some accessories that go along with pedals are axle bars. Axle bars are perfect for stunts where you flip your bike or do standing wheelies.

Now that you know more about how to build your very own BMX bike, it’s time to shop for all your necessities. It’s imperative to get original BMX parts, and you can get them all here online.