Start your makeover with Braun shaving supplies in the Philippines

Looking great was never this easy!

When we think of shaving products and accessories, one famous name comes to mind – Braun. Braun has, for more than half a century, given us a wide selection of shaving supplies. From razors to epilators, Braun’s high standard and precision in making the finest grooming tools brings confidence to comfortably remove hair and sculpt the look you want. Amazing how most Braun has come such a long way from when it first started. From being a sub-brand of Gillette, to a premium brand for shaving and grooming, Braun has found its place in our hearts. Today, you too can have epic Braun shaving supplies sold in the Philippines. With iprice, you just need to browse the products below to get all you need. Follow the links to find out more.

Look dashing with Braun shaving supplies in the Philippines

Where do you go for the best quality in shaving supplies? How do you find premium products in grooming without hassle? Braun has all the answers to your frequently asked questions. Braun’s range of shaving supplies comes in the form of

  • Hair removal products
  • Electric shavers
  • Trimmers & clippers
  • Razor blades


You may have watched YouTube tutorials on getting a specific look or grooming style. Now you can with Braun’s shaving supplies above. Each category boasts a variety of simple, user-friendly tools designed to make grooming a delight.

Braun Hair Removal

The term ‘hair removal’ is more often associated with women. Body hair, in particular, can be seen as masculine or somewhat unclean on a woman. Hence, removing hair becomes a chore. But not with Braun hair removal products. Choose from a wide variety of epilator (a shaving machine that removes hair from the root) models from the Wet & Dry Epilator to Bikini Epilators.

Electric shavers

This is where products for men come in. Braun electric shavers come equipped with a range of accessories for any length of facial hair. Guys, check out Braun portable electric shavers too for when you’re on the move. Braun technology in shavers allows for versatility in how you use electric shavers. Waterproof and durable, Braun electric shavers are soon to be your favourite.

Trimmers & clippers

Braun trimmers & clippers are made for stylish grooming. Looking for the Undercut look? Braun Series 3 HC (Hair clippers) do the job well. In fact, you can give yourself a trim without spending money going to the hair salon.

Braun razor blades

Looking for Braun accessories for your shavers and trimmers? Check out Braun razor blades. A hand-picked selection of accessories are available for replacing or customizing your Braun electric shavers and trimmers.

Grooming done right with Braun shaving supplies in the Philippines

So where do you go to get the best of Braun shaving gear? Right here of course! Braun shaving supplies are readily available in the Philippines with just a few clicks of a button. With online shopping at iprice, you can’t go wrong when it comes to grooming. Just browse the selection of products from Braun Hong Kong or check out the products above. Happy shopping!