Braven offers both budget and high-end portable speakers, sporting quality features that will suffice your day-to-day audio needs. If you are in the market for one, here is a guide to get you started or check out the latest Braven products below!

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Your Guide to Buying Wireless and Bluetooth Speakers with Braven

In today's age where most devices are portable, we're so used to taking our gadgets everywhere we go. One of the popular devices that people bring wherever they go is the wireless or Bluetooth speaker which offers convenience and impressive sound quality when they play their favorite music. Wireless speakers come with a ton of features like Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connectivity, ports for connecting other devices, the ability to play musical files you have bought or burned from CDs, battery power versus AC plug-in, the possibility of linking a range of units to make a multi-room home system, and much more.

To help narrow down your list of options, here are some things you have to consider when buying wireless speakers.

Wireless speakers come in different types

Wireless speakers in the Philippines are divided into two categories: in-home and portable models. Portable variants house a rechargeable battery that is not present in in-home models. When looking for in-home models, you may want to ask yourself whether or not it goes with the decorations in your room, will it connect to your TV to produce a DIY "surround sound," or does it attach easily onto a backpack? Questions like these will help you determine which features are important to you. And though beauty is generally only skin-deep, when it comes to the best wireless speakers, the design can be integral to function, which can affect sound quality.

Wireless or Bluetooth: Your Choice

Your first thing you need to figure out is how you plan to go wireless—either via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Luckily, some variants save you the trouble by offering both. Wi-Fi speakers hook up to your home network; they usually operate on AC power, so they need an outlet to work. Many models of Bluetooth speakers are battery-powered and compact, making them more portable. Aside from these, here are other things you should know about wireless and Bluetooth speakers.

Bluetooth speakers

Most Braven portable speakers use Bluetooth wireless technology to connect to another device, say, a smartphone or a laptop. The brilliant thing about this is that the tech operates with a number of mobile devices, which include iPhone and Android smartphones. Also, Bluetooth speakers tend to be low-priced compared to Wi-Fi variants.

Wireless speakers

Braven Wi-Fi speakers in Philippines allow you take advantage of your home network, normally giving you a stronger, more stable signal. On top of that, you can stream to multiple speakers at once. Also, this technology has a wider range than Bluetooth, up to around 200 ft. (though 100 to 150 is more likely).

Familiarize yourself with the Wi-Fi Tech Terms

If you decide to go for a Wi-Fi speaker when shopping, you’ll come across terms such as DLNA, DTS Play-Fi, Heos, and Sonos. These wireless standards let you access content on a network. Some speaker models can use more than one wireless standard though. But be sure that the speakers you want to connect together all share at least one standard. Here are the essential things you need to know about wireless standards:

  • DLNA, DTS Play-Fi, Heos, and Sonos typically work with iOS, Android smartphones, PCs, and some Mac computers.
  • If you want to play a tune on multiple speakers, they can come in many different brands. However, they have to use the same wireless technology standard. With that, you can’t have one speaker that uses AirPlay and another that’s Play-Fi only.

Wireless Speaker Placement and Signal Strength

This can be an essential criterion in your selection of speakers. If you’ll be using a speaker outdoors, you can place a portable Bluetooth variant next to the BBQ while you flip burgers, then the music will follow you around the yard. Make sure you choose one that’s compact and won’t consume a lot of space on the patio table or, if it’s going to be on display, go for one that sports fun colors. Also, consider whether you need water-resistance or rugged build too.

Think about the placement

If a big metallic object (say, a fridge or a car), building structure, or even a friend gets between a Bluetooth speaker and the device with the music on it, the sound might drop in quality. So, ensure that the music source won't go over 33 ft. from the speaker. When it comes to taking care of distance and physical issues between the router, Wi-Fi speakers are the ideal option. With them, you can receive an impressive reception on a speaker that’s 200 feet or more from the router, but 100 to 150 feet is more typical.

Style Is Important

Aesthetics aren’t necessarily superficial when it comes to a wireless or Bluetooth speaker. Those speakers with a plain and boxy design or strikingly sleek finish are not purely made for visual appeal; they are also factors that affect sound and portability. If you are looking for an impressive wireless or Bluetooth speaker with a stunning design, Braven has an array of visually appealing speakers you will surely love.