Bremod offers an array of hair care products ranging from hair color, hair dye, hair conditioners, hair styling, and hair care treatments. The brand is widely known for its amazing hair dye that you can use at home. Learn more about Bremod PH and discover hair dying tips using their products!

How do you use Bremod hair color? | What hair color is best for Morena? | How do you use oxidant Bremod hair color?


Bremod Hair Color FAQs: Hair Color Price, Hair Coloring Tips and Tricks

How do you use Bremod hair color?

As for an alternative to the beauty salons, you can dye your hair at home with Bremod hair color products. You can choose and select your desired hair color with the Bremod color chart. Here is a step-by-step on how to use Bremod hair product at the convenience of your home:

  1. Prepare different size of hairbrushes and a mixing bowl
  2. Prepare ear protectors to avoid getting colors on your ear
  3. Prepare hair clips to section your hair
  4. Put gloves on your hand before starting
  5. Start mixing the hair color and developer with the ratio of 1:1
  6. Section your hair into four parts for an easier application process
  7. Put the ear protectors on
  8. Gently brush the hair dye, starting from the bottom part of your hair
  9. Let the color sits for 20 to 30 minutes
  10. Pun on a shower cap to secure your hair during the coloring process
  11. Rinse the hair dye with clean water
  12. Wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner
  13. Dry your hair with towel or hairdryer

What hair color is best for Morena?

You can achieve your preferred hair color with the Bremod hair color chart. If you have a darker shade of brown hair and looking for recommendations of hair color that will match your undeniably gorgeous hair, below is a list of hues that will suit you the best:

  1. Brown - There are many shades of brown that can be your best friend. Even though the brown color will not give you a huge change of look, it will definitely enhance your hair styling and bring more dimension to hair. There are many shades of brown that you can experience with such as espresso, cocoa, golden bronze, honey tea brown, and chocolate brown. You can achieve a honey tea brown hair color with the Bremod hair product. For a more trendy and modish look, you can also play around with colors like light brown and ash brown.
  2. Bronde - Bronde is a unique shade coming from the mix of blonde and brunette. The unique shade of bronde gives you that chic appearance while complimenting your dark hair glow. If you love to get your skin tanned during summertime, this bronde hair color might be the best one for you.
  3. Caramel - The shade of caramel will not only give your hair that vibrant shine but also compliments your skin. Dying your hair with caramel shade will emphasize your healthy and glowing skin. It will also soften your whole appearance.

How do you use oxidant Bremod hair color?

  1. Mixing proportion is 1:1. 1 part of color cream + 1 part of peroxide or oxidizing.
  2. Stir thoroughly, in a non-metallic bowl until the mixture has a smooth consistency. The mixture can be obtained also with a shaker.
  3. Apply on unwashed, dry hair.
  4. Apply part of the mixture to mid-lengths and ends, leave it on for 20 minutes.
  5. Apply the remaining mixture to the roots, leave it for 20-25 minutes.
  6. Lastly, rinse it off.