If you have a passion for running, then Brooks Philippines is the perfect brand for you. With Brooks running shoes, you would be able to boost your performance and run the extra mile whether for long or short distances. Take a look at available Brooks shoes below or click here to know more about Brooks Philippines.


An Active Lifestyle with Brooks shoes Philippines

Finding the perfect running shoes is necessary for runners to avoid injuries and boost performance. Compared to other brands, Brooks Philippines is a brand dedicated to running and providing the perfect footwear to their customers; it is a brand made by runners for runners. Established in 1914 by Morris Goldenberg in Pennsylvania, the brand started off manufacturing iceskating, football, and soccer shoes. It wasn’t until in 1977 that Brooks Philippines saw a market for running shoes with the popularity of jogging and hiking. It was in this moment that the brand produced their first ever running shoe - the Vantage. Because of its success, the brand has fully dedicated their attention to providing the best running trainers for men, and women; constantly finding new ways to equip runners and meet their footwear needs.

Brooks Philippines - best-selling running shoes

When it comes to running shoes, Brooks Philippines gives you only the best quality footwear to obtain maximum performance. From minimalistic to cushioned shoes, you will get only the best from Brooks Philippines. Here are some great shoe series from the brand that you should look into:

Brooks Launch
Brooks Adrenaline ASR
Brooks Beast
Brooks Addiction
Brooks Glycerin

How to choose the perfect Brooks running shoe

Before you buy any of the mentioned Brooks shoes above, you should first determine what type of foot pronation you have. Pronation is the inward roll of your foot when walking or running. There are three phases which describe the gait cycle or the walking/running pattern:

  1. Impact phase. The first phase of the gait cycle where the heels makes contact with the ground.
  2. Support phase. This phase supports the foot as it transitions from heel to the toes.
  3. Propulsion phase. This is the last phase of the gait cycle where force is distributed on the forefoot as the arch stiffens, gains momentum and leaves the ground.

Different types of foot pronation

To put it simply pronation, is the term used to describe where your foot pushes off at the end of each step. It is important what type of pronation your foot executes when you walk or run to avoid injury, and discomfort. There are three types of pronations: (1) neutral, (2) overpronated, and (3) underpronated.

Neutral foot pronation

Neutral foot pronation is the body’s natural and regular movement when walking. It is considered as a standard walking/ running motion with lower risk of injury. For individuals with neutral pronation, we recommend Brooks Ghost 7 shoes.

Overpronated foot

If your feet has a low arch or you consider yourself as flat-footed, then you are likely to experience overpronation when walking or running. Overpronation is the immense inward rolling of the foot on a gait cycle. For individuals with overpronated foot, you can run with Brooks Men’s Beast 14 to achieve neutral foot pronation.

Underpronated foot

If there’s overpronation, then there’s underpronation which is the exact opposite of the former. Underpronation is characterized by shortcomings of inward motions during the third phase (foot strike) of the gait cycle. Brooks Pureflow 4 would be a great running shoe for underpronated feet which are flexible with great cushioning.

If you are looking for the best running shoe in the market, why not take a look at Brooks selection of running shoes here? You can also take a look at other brands such as Nike trainers, Adidas running shoes, Under Armour sneakers and so much more!

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