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The word “Brother” in the English language is most associated with a male sibling or in some cases, a close kinship among friends. In the tech world however, Brother is associated with a printing brand of epic proportions. Brother Industries works in the background to provide solutions to your everyday printing needs. From printers to label makers, the Japanese company has thrived to produce the best products in the market.


Brother Industries has a widespread influence in retail and product processing industry. This is thanks to their ingenuous product line of labelling machines. When it comes to retail, products have to be checked and labelled accordingly to be easily identified.

When everything is computerised, labelling should be done with a few touches of a button. This is where Brother label-makers come in handy. For example, the PT-P750W P-Touch Computer Label Maker is a neat label printing tool that works efficiently. With an app linked to your computer and wireless and USB connectivity, you can instantly create labels to categorise your products. Compatible with Android and Apple devices, the label maker is functional and easy to use. This type of label maker is absolutely ideal for supermarket products.

How about the Brother PT-E300VP P-Touch Handheld Thermal Label Maker that prints up to 18mm at a speed of 20mm per second? This handheld interface allows you to create durable labels for faceplates, cables, consumer units and other electrical installations. Use it for lamination, producing employee name tags and even print on heat shrink tubing. This high performance tool is perfect for heavy-duty labelling.

Printing Services

“Seeing is believing”. We live in a very visual age where we react quicker to react to something we see rather than something we hear. The by-product of this phenomenon is that printed media is always required in every area of life. Think about our newspapers; to get our daily dose of news, the countless advertisements and billboards across the country, and the colourful labels on our products. In order to get printed material out there, it first needs to be printed. Having a good printer always helps to get good material. Brother printers are optimised for heavy duty printing and durability. The Brother MFC-8510DN Laser Printer is perfect for 2-sided automatic printing with print resolutions up to 36/38ppm. This versatile machine not only prints, but also acts as a scanner, photocopier and fax machine. With Google Cloud Print and wired networking features, this monochrome laser printer is one of the best options in the market today.

Adding to the printer collection, the Brother HL-3150CDN Laser LED Colour Printer is your choice for optimum visual printing. With vibrant colours for exciting visuals, this printer becomes a popular choice in the printing industry. Much cheaper than MFC-8510DN, this printer gives you more value for your money. The HL-3150CDN Laser LED Colour Printer is also energy efficient with the automatic duplex printing and high-yield toner cartridges that come optional.

Home and Office use

Brother devices are ideal for office use too! With the wide selection of Brother wired and wireless printers, productivity will be maximised. Besides labellers and printers, Brother software is also readily available for download. Much of Brother devices are Apple and Android compatible, which makes pairing easy, hence smoother working experience. Brother accessories are also at affordable prices and are easily replaced. Brother Ink cartridges for printers can be purchased online as well as in printer accessory shops. Cartridges are also user-friendly and simple to refill. Even the coloured cartridges feature easy-to-follow, step-by-step procedure to refill your toner.

For the home, there is also a line of sewing machines produced by Brother. For example, the Brother NV980K Sewing Machine with a Hello Kitty design that features ready designs for sewing such as the 40 in-built Disney designs to begin with. There is even a back-lit LCD touch screen that enables on-screen editing. Automatic thread cutting is also a neat feature that potential tailors would love. This cute little sewing machine is a one-of-a-kind “smart” sewing machine with all these added features.

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