Bum Philippines offers all kinds of apparels, but little do people know, Bum Malaysia’s watches are at par with other branded and luxury watches. Click here to find out how to choose a Bum watches in the Philippines.


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Bum Philippines - Your Quick Buyers’ Guide to Watches

Sure, Bum Equipment Philippines is probably most known for its gym-wear and apparels. But their timepieces are also as amazing as their cotton sweatshirts. To compliment the Bum clothing line, they have also created a series of beautiful watches with affordable prices.

What you should consider before buying Bum watches

It’s easy to regret your decision after buying a watch. There are many factors to consider before investing your money on a set of watches. A watch that is both trendy and durable is the best kind of watch to buy. Doing extensive research before buying watches, especially when shopping online, will help you avoid the dreaded buyer’s regret.

Know the styles

  • Dress watch – Best type of watch to wear with a suit or formal wear. Simplicity is key when looking for a dress watch. They are elegant and timeless and usually comes with thin leather straps.
  • Field watch – Field watches are perfect for the active ones. Field watches were initially created for soldiers during the war times. They’re readable during the night and low-light conditions, comes with a stainless steel or titanium casing, and high-contrast numbering.
  • Aviator watch – These watches were initially repurposed field watches worn by pilots. Even though aviator watches are similar to field watches, there are several different functions most aviators have. They usually have a chronograph, pushers to start/stop and reset the second hand, and luminous numerals.
  • Dive watch – The earliest diving watches was introduced by Rolex when they manufactured the Submariner. Diving watches must, of course, be water resistant. Their rubber or silicone straps are usually corrosion resistant and the glass is made from hardened mineral glass to withstand the water pressure.
  • Racing watch – Racing watches are usually available in more exotic colors and designs. The two features one must look for in a racing watch are a chronograph and a tachymeter to calculate speed, distance, and time.

Analog vs Digital Display

Nowadays, watches usually comes in two types: analog and digital. Analog watches are pretty much what everyone is used to. It has an hour, minute, and second hands with the all the numbers displayed. The hands rotate using various motors and gears inside and can take form in either mechanical, automatic, or quartz gears.

Digital display, on the other hand, shows the time of day by using liquid crystal display. There are no hands that rotate and can be adjusted using buttons on the side. Most digital watches now have the option to show an analog display, to imitate traditional watches. Phone companies have also created various digital watches that could be synchronized with your smartphones.

Mechanical, Automatic, and Quartz Gears

As stated above, analog watches have three types of gears, mechanical, automatic nd Quartz. The face and display of the watches stay pretty much the same, it’s just the gears work in different ways and requires different methods to maintain it.

  • Mechanical – These watches have a coiled wire of metal, or a mainspring, that requires winding by hand. This mainspring is what turns all the hands around. Mechanical watches don’t require any batteries as it will stop working after a while until you wind it up again. The mechanical gears provide a smooth hand movement, so if you’re easily annoyed by the ticking sound of a watch, mechanical watches are perfect for you. They are, however, have a higher cost, not as accurate in telling the time, and requires periodic cleaning.
  • Automatic – Automatic watches are essentially another type of mechanical watches, in a sense that they are powered by a mainspring. However, they implement the technology of “self-winding”, which tracks the wearer’s movement to wind the mainspring while the watch is being worn. When the watch is not worn, owners of automatic watches might want to invest in a watch winder, which serves as a watch display case with rotating mechanism to keep the watch wounded. These winders, are often expensive, so think it through before getting yourself an automatic watch, as it requires more maintenance.
  • Quartz – When you look down at your watch, you can probably see the word “Quartz” written on it. These types of watches use electricity from a battery to power up the gears. The electricity is powered through a small quartz crystal and it causes it to vibrate. The vibrations are then converted into a pulse that turns the gears, and these pulses are what causes the ticking sound. Quartz watches are cheaper than mechanical or automatic watches and most Bum watches uses this mechanism, with a display of either analog, digital, or a combination of both.

Get familiar with the features

Different watches will usually offer different features. This features can turn any normal watch into a watch with great functionality. A classic time-telling watch is of course still practical, but a watch can be much more. With the features listed below, you can set alarms, calculate speed and distance with a tachymeter, read your watch in the dark with luminous hands, know what time it is on the other side of the world with the world time feature, and figure out the phase of the moon with the moon phase display.

Don’t ignore the pricing

In the beginning, maybe you thing more expensive watches are the only ones worth buying. But a costly watch doesn’t always result in a functional watch. You might be tempted by all the luxurious mechanical or automatic gears, but a Quartz watch can tell you the time just as fine. Branded watches with mechanical and automatic gears can cost you thousands of ringgits, not including the watch winder for the automatic watch that would sometimes cost hundreds. Quartz watches, on the other hand, can be as cheap as RM10, and it goes up depending on the brand, functions, and display.

Decide on a budget and what type of watch you desire, browse through the collection of Bum watches here on iPrice, and compliment your new watch with other Bum Philippines products like clothing, jewelry, and home décor.

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