Bushiroad is Malaysia's leading trading and duel card game! It's inspired by Japanese Manga and Anime which show cases the same cards and the same rules in playing the game. This Japanese-inspired card game offers a unique take on card games since the popularity of Yugi-Oh. If you were a fan of Yugi-Oh back in the day, surely you would love the card games that Bushiroad has to offer. Know more about them here!


Bushiroad Philippines

Bushiroad is a producer of trading cards and collectible cards which hailed in japans. This company was founded by Takaki Kidani in 2007, and its headquarters is in Tokyo, Japan. Prior to what it is now, it used to be a subsidiary of the Bushiroad Group Publishing Inc. and was just a subsidy of the said corporation.

This company basically is a manufacturer of a famous card game carrying its name. Some of its popular card games are Cardfight Vanguard, Weiβ Schwarz, Victory Spark, and Chaos TG. In Southeast Asia, Bushioroad was first established in Philippines back on November 12, 2010.Since then, it became a well-known name for card games in Southeast Asia, especially in Philippines.

Bushiroad: Real Life Anime Card Game

Bushiroad is basically a culmination of card games that are derived from various anime which features card game as a plot device in their story. Basically, the game mechanics of the actual card game follows the same set of rules that shows’ fictional world follows.

Cardfight Vanguard

This card game is a popular trading card game which is based on a Manga authored by Akira Itou. Currently, this card game has an ongoing anime whose episodes are rolled out in Crunchyroll and Youtube. Basically, the rules of this game are inspired by the rules that are set in the Manga and anime. Cardfight Vanguard features the various card types, each with their own function and purpose in advancing further in the game.

Game Mechanics

  • The main goal of the card fight is to deal 6 damage to your opponent’s card deck (also known as Vanguard), this will cause your opponent to transfer his damaged cards to the damage zone. Once a player has 6 card in his or her damage zone, that player loses.
  • Another method of determining who wins or who loses is the number of cards available in the deck. If at any point of the game a player has none, he or she loses.
  • When a player runs out of Vanguard, he can get one from his “Soul”, if his Soul is also out, he loses.
  • An instant win can be achieved by a player with the use of ability cards such as Omega Glendios and Star-Vader.
  • A draw happens when both players achieve the following conditions above, at the same time.

Weiβ Schwarz

This is a two player card game that uses up to 5 characters which consist of 3 attacker cards and 2 supports. Players will start out at level 0 and will level up the more they get a damage. At the start of the game, players will draw 5 cards and those are the cards which they will be using in the entire card duel. Every level requires 7 points of damage in order to be achieved by the player. The game ends when one of the players hits the level 4 mark.

Game Mechanics

  • Both the players will duel it out until one of them hits level 4. Whoever reaches that level will lose.
  • The player that runs out of card will instantly lose.

Victory Spark

In order to play this card game, the players must have a 50 card deck. These card decks can be purchased at any store that sells Victory Spark cards. The primary objective of this game in order to achieve victory is to have your opponent discard 10 player cards. Basically, by pitting player cards coupled with their power or ability cards, the opponent’s player card will obtain damage. There are ability cards that can nullify or minimize damage, and these are very helpful in winning. Whichever player retires 10 player card first, loses. Cases when a player runs out of cards in his 50 card deck loses.

How to Build a Deck

Playing Victory Spark requires a card deck that consists of 50 cards, and the entire mechanics revolve around those cards. Here’s how to build an effective deck for this card game:

  1. The deck should have 50 cards, no more no less.
  2. Only 4 copies of a card are allowed in one deck.
  3. Only a maximum of 4 “Fire” and “Heal” icons are allowed on the deck.

There’s a kind of thrill that card games offer to its player, and it can be compared to the game of chess. However, card games such as Bushiroad adds more element to the entire game making it more fun and thrilling. Bushiroad card games are the leading games of its kind, which is why it is highly patronized by many card game enthusiasts and collectors. If you’re fond of card games yet you haven’t tried Bushiroad yet, you are surely missing out.