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Cadbury Philippines - World-Renowned Chocolatier

Cadbury Philippines’ Humble Beginnings

Everyone knows Cadbury and the wonderful goodies that it offers to the world. But did you know of its humble beginnings? It was in year 1824 when John Cadbury decided to open a grocer’s shop at Bull Street, Birmingham. Among the many things that he had to offer in shop, he sold cocoa and drinking chocolate that he prepared using a pestle and mortar, believing that these were healthy, delicious alternatives to alcohol.

In year 1831, he decided to move fully into the production of cocoa and drinking chocolates. He opened a factory (along with his brother) and made those products there. The new company became known as the “Cadbury Brothers”. At the time, his customers were mostly from wealthy families due to the high cost of production. As time passed, the brothers begun to improve the quality of their cocoa products as well as adding more products to their product lineup.

Today, Cadbury is known across the world for its yummy treats. It is a multinational confectionery company that operates in more than 50 countries worldwide. Its products can be seen in various stores and is loved by people of all walks of life.

Unlocking the Secret to Great Chocolate with Cadbury Philippines

It was year 1866 and chocolate back then was not made the way we know it is made now. Back then, the English cocoa products were heavily adulterated with starch substances like potato flour or sago. This was done to mask the excess cocoa butter. But the result was poor quality of cocoa products that was offered to the consumers. Not happy with the quality of their cocoa products, the two Cadbury brothers sent out on a mission to find a way to improve their products. It was during a trip to another chocolate factory in Holland that the brothers found the answer to their problems.

The Van Houten factory in Holland had begun using a new machine called the cocoa press that would remove half of the natural fat (also known as cocoa butter) from the chocolate. This made the chocolate cheaper to produce and helped to produce a less rich, more palatable cocoa essence. In fact, this version is the forerunner of the chocolate that we so know and love today.

The Cadbury brothers brought this innovative idea back to their country. Soon, they begun to produce a new product called Cadbury’s Cocoa Essence. It was heralded as a major breakthrough in the food industry and was the starting point of how Cadbury’s name came to be known in the world.

Enter the Chocolatey World of Cadbury Philippines

Cadbury has come far from what it started out with in the beginning. Today, the brand can be found in many countries and is a favorite among many people. It is known for delivering yummy, quality goodies that can be enjoyed by the whole family. The brand mostly sells the following products:

  • Chocolate bars
  • Chocolate drinks
  • Boxed chocolates
  • Biscuits
  • Ice-cream

Once in a while, the brand will launch new products that are new unique flavors that could be either a seasonal offering or a new addition to their permanent range of products. Here are some of their notable products:

Cadbury Dairy Milk
Introduced to the world in year 1905, this bar of chocolate is one of the bestselling chocolate bars in the world. It contains a higher proportion of milk compared to other chocolate bars and rose to fame in year 1914. Did you know that the name of the chocolate bar was suggested by a customer’s daughter?
Cadbury Flake
The discovery of this chocolate bar was very much by accident. A Cadbury employee noticed thin streams of excess chocolate falling from molds and cooling into flaky folded bars. That was when the company had the idea to develop this chocolate bar that was made from thinly folded chocolate. The product was then introduced to the world in year 1920. The brand has since produced various versions of the chocolate bar.
Cadbury Buttons
Wanna have fun with chocolate? Then you will definitely love these little bags of milk chocolate that come in fun button shapes. First introduced in year 1960, this bag of fun shaped chocolates instantly became a hit. While the brand has launched several versions of the product, its milk chocolate as well as white chocolate version remains a favorite among consumers.
Cadbury Bubbly
Who doesn’t love bubbles? They are fun and they put a smile on everyone’s face. And that is exactly what Cadbury was aiming for when they introduced this new bar of chocolate in year 2012. It features all the yummy goodness of Cadbury’s milk chocolate, combined with bubbles that will melt into a smooth, creamy chocolate taste that you will fall in love with over and over again.
Cadbury Time Out
The bar of chocolate was first introduced in year 1992. It consisted of a layer thinly folded chocolate sandwiched between two wafers and then coated in milk chocolate. It was mainly sold in pairs.
Cadbury Crème Egg
It is a chocolate product that is shaped to look like an egg and is one of Cadbury’s bestselling when Easter comes around. The product consists of a thick milk chocolate shell with a white and yellow fondant filling. It was first introduced in year 1923. Over the years, the brand has introduced other versions of the chocolate product.

    Give Your Loved Ones a Treat with Cadbury Philippines

    “Chocolate is health food for the soul.”

    - Miranda Gray -

    If you are stumped for gifting ideas or need a quick pick-me-up, then have a look at the wide array of Cadbury Kitchen & Dining products. From chocolate bars to chocolate drinks, you will be able to find a suitable gift for your loved one or for yourself.