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Calvin Klein in Philippines

Calvin Klein is a figure of elegance, style and quality. It's a brand of clothing line, however, it became highly renowned for it's top of the line of underwear. Its provocative advertising of its underwear is what makes it what it is now. Calvin Klein is among the brands that can be given credit for turning underwear into a fashion statement. Their packaging and branding is quite fancy yet elegant for such, making it eye catching and provocative, giving a very sexy take on underwear.

How Underwear Made Such a Big Name

Calvin Klein started its venture back in 1968. Its founder named Klein, first set up a coat shop in a hotel name York Hotel in New York City. With a start-up budget of $10,000, the first ever Calvin Klein collection pulled off a youthful understated dresses and coats. Being featured in a store in New York City kicked off its success.

In 1970s, Calvin Klein added a new line of clothing in their brand, those are lingerie for women, sportswear and classic blazers. The brand received an award from City American Fashion Critics, for its women collection. later on in the 70s, Calvin Klein received two more awards (in 1974 and 1975). In the late 90's it was able to boost its revenue to $30 million, which is equivalent to $117 million in 2016. Making it a huge success in less than a decade from its rise.

In early 1980s, Calvin Klein’s creative marketing lead to a paradigm shift when it comes to how choose to buy their underwear: From white underwear which can be purchased by pack of three by every man's wife, girlfriend or mom, to underwear that the male population would care to buy themselves because they want a brand they only few will ever see.

Its growth and success continued in all throughout the 80s. In the late 80s, the brand made a lot conflict due to its licensing and the pressure that it’s been getting from its sales to its creative group.

In 1992, Calvin Klein almost went bankrupt, but was able to get back on its feet in the late 90's due to the success of its popular underwear, fragrance and sports line. In around 1990 to 1995, Calvin Klein pioneered the creation of boxer briefs, a hybrid of boxer shorts and briefs. It made rounds all throughout the world with its print ad featuring Mark Wahlberg, and was considered as one of the greatest revolution in the history of apparels. During that time, Klein, the founder of the CK, was named as "America's Best Designer" for pulling off a minimalist all American design in 1993. In 1999, Calvin Klein was for sale, which came as a surprise due to its success.

From 2002 to present, it's currently ran by Phillips van Heusen.

Calvin Klein Underwear Made not just for the Gentlemen

Among CK underwear products in the market today are as follows:

Men and Women

Micro Modal Pants


Low Rise Brief

Cotton classic Tees


Pj Top

Cap Sleeve

Wireless Contour Bra

Modern Cotton Boy short


Lounge Jersey

Tank Top

Calvin Klein Underwear Shops

It is without a doubt that Calvin Klein underwear is the signature products of this brand. That is why, despite of the diverse line of clothing and apparel that Calvin Klein offers to both men and women, they have set up dedicated stores for their line of underwear alone. There is a dedicated Calvin Klein Underwear store in Philippines. However, if you want to skip the line and do your shopping hassle free, you can always buy one online.

Calvin Klein Underwear Models

Calvin Klein tends to choose the best celebrity to pose with their designs, and would even gamble in the most unlikely personality. And guess what? They never fail to make it through.

From Mark Wahlberg back in the 90s to Justin Bieber in the present time. Indeed, the brand was able to get spot on models, capable of uphold its trademark as the provocatively sexy line of underwear, while maintaining its status as the benchmark for all its competitors.

Mark Wahlberg

He is by far the most popular model of the brand. Its campaign was on an all time high since it was released in 1992, back when he was also known as Marky Marc the rapper.

Jamie Dornan

Another one of their models back 2009 was Jamie Dornan. He had a campaign with Calvin Klein years before he stepped on the spotlight as Jamie Dornan in the Fifty Shades of Grey.

Justin Bieber

And among the most recent one who are prominent in the show business is Justin Bieber. He was perhaps the most controversial, which was highly criticized. However, the singer turned to model was able to pull it off eventually.

With this, it cannot be denied that the trailblazer for its huge success are its successful campaigns and how it captivated the pop culture with its models.