Sure, we all know Calvin Klein's provocative underwear ads. So why not pair your sexy underwear with sexier Calvin Klein clothing. Their jeans are equally as tantalizing. Find out here on why Calvin Klein jeans will bring out the sexiest version of you.


Top Calvin Klein Jeans Philippines Price List 2020

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Calvin Klein Original Jeans ₱ 1,000.00 Shopee
Calvin Klein Jeans.. ₱ 1,470.00 Shopee
Calvin Klein Auth Inkwell Skinny Jeans ₱ 1,490.00 Shopee
Calvin Klein JEANS WOMEN PATCHWORK TRUCKER DRESS ₱ 12,350.00 LazMall by Lazada
Calvin Klein JEANS WOMEN STAND COLLAR UTLITY JACKET ₱ 14,250.00 LazMall by Lazada
Calvin Klein JEANS WOMEN MINI CROSSBODY ₱ 10,450.00 LazMall by Lazada
Calvin Klein JEANS WOMEN FLARED SATIN DRESS ₱ 8,650.00 LazMall by Lazada
Calvin Klein JEANS MEN CKJ 016 SKINNY DENIM PANTS ₱ 10,450.00 LazMall by Lazada
Calvin Klein JEANS WOMEN HIGH-RISE BOOT DENIM PANTS ₱ 9,250.00 LazMall by Lazada
Calvin Klein JEANS WOMEN 011 MID-RISE SKINNY DENIM PANTS ₱ 10,450.00 LazMall by Lazada
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Calvin Klein Original Jeans

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Calvin Klein Jeans Philippines

The Calvin Klein brand is not just a fashion house, but a great marketing and advertising agency as well. The reason why the CK ads are so recognizable and provoking is because the company is confident their products are the best and will worth every penny. With this confidence, customers should feel the same when rocking their clothes and accessories, especially their jeans. Really though, there is nothing sexier than confidence.

Why Calvin Klein jeans Philippines are the best

Before Calvin Klein started making undergarments, he began his fashion house by making products from blazers to cosmetics. He also produced jeans, and in its first week of sale, the company sold 200,000 units. This is interesting because when one thinks of high-end, designer clothing, one does not normally think of jeans. Jeans are supposed to be affordable and durable, and the idea of haute couture jeans might be strange to some. However, CK’s denimwear line is on par with other, more prominent, jeans brands.

Calvin Klein jeans rocky, yet legendary, history

Calvin Klein launched his jeans line in 1978, and he became the first designer to produce a line of denimwear. The fashion house then casted Hollywood actress, Brooke Shields, to be featured in a series of Calvin Klein jeans advertisements. A controversy then started, with several media banning the ads because Shields allegedly didn’t wear any underwear. Klein also got a lot of flak because of the tightness of his jeans. Calvin Klein’s retail stores often had to provide sofas for customers to sit on while they put on their jeans. Klein claimed that jeans symbolize sex and that “the tighter they are, the better they sell.”

Despite all of the ruckus, CK jeans are so iconic, the jeans Shields wore were featured in the Fashion Institute of Technology Museum’s exhibition, Denim: Fashion’s Frontier, with other iconic and highly-acclaimed denim brands.

Calvin Klein jeans caters to everyone’s needs

What’s so great about Calvin Klein jeans is that they make luxury jeans accessible to everyone. They have outlets in most major malls and their jeans are easy to buy. They have a superb variety of jeans, like the bootcut, skinny, boyfriend fit, high rise, and the rebellious ripped jeans. Calvin Klein jeans are also made from various denim and non-denim materials. It’s perfect for every occasion, every outfit, and everyone.

Calvin Klein jeans’ impressive customer reviews

Many people online have expressed their awe for Calvin Klein jeans because of their high-quality and reasonable price. Some praise it for the surprising comfort while others are astonished by how perfect the fit is. It is often difficult to find the right pair of jeans, especially for those with short, bulky, or disproportionate legs. But because of the reason listed above, Calvin Klein jeans are able to fit many men and women of all shapes and sizes.

Choose Calvin Klein jeans Philippines for a More Confident You

Don’t let anyone come between you and your Calvins. Find the perfect Calvin Klein jeans for you and be the best version of yourself. Besides the jeans, elevate that confidence and swag through the roof with other Calvin Klein clothing in the Philippines that can be found here.