Calvin Klein is known for its perfume and sunglasses line-up. But did you know they are big on shoes too? Here are some things you need to know about Calvin Klein shoes in the Philippines.


All you need to know about Calvin Klein Shoes in the Philippines

One of the biggest names in the fashion industry, Calvin Klein is equally huge in the line of footwear. Combining style and comfort, this top fashion brand is taking the world of shoes by storm. You would definitely have seen CK shoes being worn all over the Philippines. Thanks to the way CK captures attention with its footwear, Calvin Klein is able to bring in a huge selection of irresistible shoes for you. Made for both men and women in mind, Calvin Klein’s shoe lineup dresses your feet to elegance and comfort. Let’s look at some of the best CK footwear you can get in the Philippines.

Choose your CK shoes based on your style

Before looking into Calvin Klein footwear, you need to identify what your preferences are. Calvin Klein footwear consist of these few categories:

  • Sneakers
  • Sandals
  • Boots
  • Flats
  • Loafers
  • Pumps

Calvin Klein sneakers & boots

In any shoe fashion, the most commonly sold variant would be sneakers. Indeed, sneakers are some of the most prominent items that determine your stylish appearance. Grab a pair of Calvin Klein’s casual shoes along with a formal and your look transcends to semi-formal. Some choices of CK sneakers include

  • Low Tops and Sneakers
  • Tilly Black Sneakers
  • Senior Elastic Strap Sneakers
  • Byron Block Sneakers

Low Tops & Sneakers are a type of Calvin Klein sneaker that is made with a mixture of genuine leather and canvas to ensure maximum comfort to use as well as durability.

For women, check out the Black Boots High Heels series that come with hand-stiched genuine leather along with incredible woven fabric to make it flexible enough for your feet.

The ultimate shoe-care for your CK shoes

Buying shoes can be fun albeit expensive. Particularly for a brand as complex as Calvin Klein, we need to look into the Check out these simple tips for how to keep shoes for long lasting and can be used for years.

  1. Do not stack your shoes on top of other shoes or vice versa. Overlapping shoes will cause the shape of the shoe to be different and no longer feasible to use. Use wooden shelves or special cabinets for shoes to keep your shoes in place and not overlap with each other.
  2. Buy silica gel to avoid shoes getting moldy. The tropical climate of our country with its high level of humidity presents an opportunity to use other products to keep your shoes dry. Silica gel is the most suitable answer.
  3. Always wipe your shoes to remove dust. Although you may not use them every day except on certain occasions, keep your shoes free of dust, grime, lint, and other harmful debris that may cloud the colour and scratch the shoes’ surfaces.

Now that you know a little bit more about Calvin Klein shoes, it’s time to get going on your shopping. Find a huge selection of Calvin Klein shoes in the Philippines with the products above to get the ultimate variety. Happy shopping!