Camel offers camping gears and apparels that are sturdy yet comfortable. With Camel’s products, your camping trips will be easier and you can focus on basking in on the beauty of mother nature instead. Read all about Camel Philippines and its camping items here.


Must-Have Camping Equipment from Camel Philippines

Camel is a Philippinesn camping gear brand catering for women and men with a passion for outdoor activities. The brand carries several product lines including outdoor footwear, bags, and accessories at insanely affordable prices. Despite their more affordable prices, they are still on par with other internationally recognized brands.

Camel Shoes

Camel shoes are perhaps their most popular product line. They offer sports shoes, boots, sneakers, and sandals for hiking and exercising. Available for both men and women, their best-selling shoes are the Close-Toe Rival Sandals Outdoor Beach Sports Sandals. It’s made with matte leather and elastic rubber. Other than that, Camel’s best-footwear includes the Camel Women Outdoor Sport Running Lace-Up Cross Country Running shoes, Camel Men’s Outdoor Professional Hiking Waterproof Boots, and Camel Genuine High-Quality Breathable Outdoor Running Shoes for men.

Camel Tents

No camping trips are complete without tents. If you don’t have a sturdy tent for you to sleep in, your camping trip will be extremely uncomfortable. Thankfully, Camel has a series of sturdy, high-quality tents in various colors, sizes, and designs.

For example, the Camel Outdoor Tent Automatic Open Rainproof Camping Tent fits 3 to 4 people and has a waterproof coating. It also has an automatic function so you don’t need to spend time building the tent and planting the rods. Just open up the tent bag, unpack it, and it’ll do the job for you.

Camel Backpacks

When going hiking or camping, you would need a reliable backpack to store all your necessities. It also has to provide ample support for your back and spine especially when you have to hike steep hills and rocky tracks. Well, fret not because Camel has an array of camping and hiking backpacks that will support your back while providing space for all your camping items.

Take a look at the Camel Mountain Outdoor Backpack for climbing and hiking, for instance. It is designed to be compact while easily able to expand. Inside the main compartment, you can store bulky camping items easily like spare hiking shoes, towels, etc. With the ventilative and perspiration system, it will prevent your Camel backpack from becoming smelly.

Camel Sleeping Bags and Accessories

Although you can sleep comfortably inside the Camel tents, you will still need extra cushioning for when you go to bed. Camel offers various sleeping bags made from fleece and thermal materials suitable to use in colder regions. The sleeping bags are thinner and more compact when compared to other typical sleeping bags. However, they will still give you the support that you need when sleeping.

Other than the sleeping bags, Camel also has camping accessories if you need more help to make your camping trip a breeze. These accessories include trekking poles, camping hammock, and hiking attires.