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Get the best in camera accessories in The Philippines at the cheapest prices today with iprice. Shop for a variety of camera gear by browsing the products below or find out more here.

Specifications: Model: X1C Type: For Canon Compatible with: Canon EOS cameras(E-TTL II autoflash) Support all cameras that have PC sync socket Build-in Remote System: 2.4 G wireless transmission Modulation Method: MSK Power Supply: 2*AA batteries Exposure Control: Manual Flash: Support TTL Auto Flash: E-TTL II TTL Control: High Speed Sync (HSS): Support Flash Exposure Compensation (FEC): Support, ±3 stops 1/3 stop increments Flash Exposure Lock (FEL): Support Focus Assist: Manual open Rear Curtain Sync: No Modeling Flash: Support, fired with cameras depth of field preview button Wireless Flash: Wireless Function: in TTL mode, Ratio off in M mode, Flash Ratio(A B C) Support GR (grouping flash) Controlled Slave Groups: in the GR grouping mode, 5 (A/B/C/D/E) in the Ratio grouping mode, 3(A/B/C) Transmitter Distance: >100 meters Channel: 32 channels Others: Synchronization Delay Set: Support (0-10ms, set in unit of 100us) Wireless Shutter Release: Receiver can control cameras shooting through 2.5mm shutter release interface Zoom Setting: The focal length can be adjusted through the transmitter Display Panel: Wide LCD panel, backlight on/off Output Interface: Transmitter: use a PC port to input and output Receiver: use a 2.5mm sync cable to output Firmware Upgrade: Use the Micro USB port to upgrade Memory Function: Settings will be stored 2 seconds after last operation and recover after a restart Transmitter Size/ Weight: 72x75x52(mm)/100g Package Included: 1 x X1C TTL Wireless Receiver for Canon 1 x LETWING cloth
Godox WITSTRO AD360II-C External Portable Video Flash Light for Nikon i-TTL II Autoflash Cameras Specification: Brand: Godox Model: WITSTRO AD360II-C Compatible Camera: Canon Camera (i-TTL II Autoflash) Guide Number: 80 (m ISO 100, with AD-S2 Standard reflector) Vertical Rotation Angles: -15 to 90 Horizontal Rotation Angles: 0 to 270 Flash Duration: 1/220 to 1/10000 seconds Exposure control system: i-TTL II Autoflash and Manual flash Flash Exposure compensation (FEC): 3 Stops in 1/3 stop increments Sync Mode: High Speed Sync(HSS up to 1/8000 seconds), First-curtain sync, and Second-curtain sync Multi Flash: Support (up to 100 times, 199Hz) Wireless Flash Function: Mater, Slave, Off Camera Controllable slave groups: 3(A, B, C) Optic Transmission range: a. Master(Transmitter): Approx. 3m b. Slave (Receiver): Indoors: 12m to 15m Outdoors: 8m to 10m c. Reception Angle: 40 horizontal, 30 vertical 2.4G Wireless Transmission range: 70m (AD360II-N as tansmitter) 100m (X1C/X1N as a transmitter) Optic Channels: 4 (1, 2, 3, 4) 2.4G Wireless Channels: 32(1-32) Modeling Flash: Fired with Camera's depth-of-field preview button Power Supply: Godox PB960 Lithium Battery Power Pack Full Power Flashes: 450(with PB960) Recycle time: Approx. 0.05-4.5s(with PB960) Power Saving: After 60 minutes of idle operation Sync Triggering Mode: Hot Shoe, 3.5mm Sync Cord, PC Sync Socket, Wireless Control Package Contents: 1 x AD360II-C Flash Light 1 x Flash tube 1 x Protecting bag 1 x Mini stand 1 x Reflector 1 x Power cable 1 x Reflector filter 1 x User Manual 1 x LETWING MicroFiber Clean Cloth Note: As AD360II-C is a heavy product, it is not recommended to mount AD360-C on the Camera for the camera hotshoe mightbe damaged
The Monforte PIXI EVO is the evolution of the already existing PIXI mini tripod. It has been designed as a lightweight portable solution to support cameras with larger lenses and its rich feature set provides flexibility of use, robustness and great variety of framing. PIXI EVO tripod boasts two different leg angles with a sliding selector, enabling to shoot ground level images. Indeed another great innovation is its two-section legs, adjustable in five different steps adapting to non-level surface the footprint that will give the possibility to take low light landscape and architecture pictures with the maximum stability. With PIXI EVO there is also the possibility to shoot in portrait mode, allowing the camera to tilt to 90 Degree to capture incredible images, while ensuring great stability and precision for accurate has been developed for entry level DSLRs fitting these basic requirements:• Body: maximum weight of 750g/1.65lbs• Focal length: maximum 18-200mm (standard non-professional lens)• Total equipment payload: maximum 2.5kg/5.5lbsColorPIXI Evo is available in three different color combinations: the classic black version, the white and the red-anthracite ones. To preserve and protect PIXI’s finishing and its original color we recommend cleaning it with a standard white pencil eraser. Special products or water could damage the finishing. Moreover, PIXI EVO supports a wide range of devices up to 2.5Kg/5.5lbs but it remains extremely lightweight thanks to its Adaptor and aluminum construction and can be easily carried anywhere without ever feeling cumbersome. Technical Specifications: closed length 9.06 in Color black color front tilt -35 Degree / +35 Degree lateral tilt -90 Degree / +40 Degree tilt range leg sections 2 number material Adaptor and aluminum Maximum Height 7.68 in Minimum Height 2.36 in safety payload 5.51 lbs. Weight 0.59 lbs.
This version of 290 light is a tripod with head for vlogger and mobile journalist that features the new Befree live fluid video head. This video tripod kit combines great performances and innovative design touches with total durability. The new befree live video head provide professional fluidity on pan & tilt ensuring you’ll have an intuitive video tripod set that will stand the test of time. A clever compact and lightweight design makes it especially easy to carry. Great user-friendly design features include aluminium leg tubes, built to stay completely rigid for your peace of mind when up. Top castings enhance its stability even further, and aluminium leg locking levers give you the flexibility to tighten as needed. This makes the tripod with fluid head reliable even with heavy use over time. You can have great flexibility to create the perfect footage by adjusting the 2 leg angles and levelling with the centre column. The Manfrotto designed rubber leg warmer increase the grip and makes it very handy. This tripod with fluid head also comes with the smallest and most lightweight video head in the Manfrotto range. The Befree Live Fluid Head has a dedicated sliding plate to perfectly balance the latest camcorders, DSLRs or mirrorless cameras with video capabilities and it has awesome fluidity on Pan & Tilt thanks to the fluid drag system inherited from all the Manfrotto Video head range. The Befree Live Fluid head is extremely portable and weights just 0.38kg, yet it can support a payload of up to 4kg giving the possibility to better control your movements during your video footage.
The Active Backpack I is a structurally sound, high capacity yet compact rucksack that can also be used as a standard daypack. With its capacity to hold a DSLR system with 2 standard lenses, 15" laptop as well as personal items and accessories, this rucksack will get you through a gig or a family walk in the park. The bag has four zippered compartments with the top part designed for personal items and the bottom for photo gear. Plenty of accessories will fit inside including a flash, laptop, documents and iPad. A removable bottom insert allows you to transform the rucksack into a handy daypack. This is a very useful, everyday bag that is strong yet flexible enough to meet the needs of anyone who wants to carry a wide variety of photo gear and personal items. Along with well known tripods, Advanced Bags are an ideal way into the Manfrotto hobbyist range. Thanks to Reliable, hard wearing fabrics, fantastic construction quality, professional features and essential and elegant design. Material combination offers functional as well as aesthetic impact Rugged durable bottom half, made by High Density Nylon Fabric, ensures trust in durability and harmonizes with the equally durable but more stylish sheen of the top. Carbon detailing ties it all in with the Manfrotto Italian heritage. This collection, with pro inspired features, offers room for photographic gear and personal items. Advanced bags offer:Practical designs based on photographers' needs and expectations.Inside protection through sturdy inner dividers.Tough wearing fabrics.Great care for design and details, in line with all Manfrotto products Technical Specifications in inches: Internal Dimensions (L x W x H) 12.99 X 5.91 X 7.48 External Dimensions (L x W x H) 13.78 X 10.63 X 18.5 Laptop Compartment (L x W x H) 10.24 X 1.57 X 14.96 Weight 2.35 pounds

Camera Accessories in Philippines

Photography has advanced by leaps and bounds in the past couple of years. In Philippines, the need for photographic equipment has exponentially grown too. Even for amateur photographers, camera accessories such as selfie sticks, tripods, chargers, camera cases and camera batteries become essential in today’s world. Thankfully, we can find these camera accessories online in Philippines. Follow these links to know more about how you can find camera accessories in Philippines.

The most used camera accessories in Philippines

Finding the right camera accessories can be a daunting task. Worst of all, the prices for photographic equipment can soar sky-high. The first step to getting the right camera accessories is to know which camera accessories you need. Here are some of the most used camera accessories in Philippines:

  • Tripod
  • Camera batteries
  • Camera bags
  • Mounts
  • Camera charger
  • Camera straps
  • Camera cases

Choose from these varieties available here to narrow down your search. That will make things significantly easier.

Tripod & mounts

For more professional type of photography, we will definitely need a tripod. A tripod is basically a stand for your camera. It usually comes with 3 legs, hence the name. In most cases, you will need a mount to secure your camera onto the tripod. You can adjust the height and length of the tripod by manipulating the screws on the legs. The tripod is perfect for remote shots and shots where the camera has to be perfectly still. Use it when shooting yourself on a scenic view.

Camera batteries and chargers

Any photographer knows the importance of having a camera which is fully charged. You want peace of mind when taking the best shots throughout the day. Camera batteries will serve their purpose for a while, but when they run out, you will need to charge them. Look out for the best camera chargers online to accompany your battery pack.

Camera bags and cases

In the event of photographic emergency, you will need to grab all your gear and haul ass to get going. Camera bags become absolutely necessary in this situation. Organize all your gear in an instant with the right camera bags. For a closer fit, get camera cases to protect your precious cameras. If you’re not a fan of carry heavy camera bags, simply look out for camera straps to sling your camera around your neck or shoulder for quick use. Generally these 3 categories; bags, cases and straps come standard with the camera. if they don’t the customer can request these be thrown in with the purchase.

In some cases, we may need photography guides. Especially for those new to the field of photography, these guides give you awesome ideas on how to improve and build your photographic skills in the long run. You also get valuable and creative ideas to get going on your photography.

Get camera accessories on iprice at the lowest prices in Philippines

It’s time to get shopping! Find the latest and best camera accessories in Philippines with iprice today. Shop from thousands of different gear for cameras and photographic equipment in Philippines with ease. Happy shopping!

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