Are you in need of a bag that will keep your precious camera protected? Then get what you need here. But if you are not sure of what bag you need, read on more to find out the perfect bag for you.


Camera Bag Philippines: For all your camera needs

Camera Bag Philippines: Keeping your camera out of danger’s way

If you are someone that is into photography, you would know that picking the perfect camera for your activities are of the utmost importance. Picking out the lens, the shutter and the camera type is what makes your image a special one. But keeping your camera safe is also a vital step. If you don’t have a proper bag to transport your camera, you are putting its life in danger. You would know that getting a proper camera is not wallet friendly so why would risk damaging it with a useless bag that is good for nothing? At iprice, we know the value and love you have for your camera which is why we want to protect it.

Camera Bag Philippines: Capture life’s great memories without damaging your camera

All camera bags at iprice is known for one thing: the guarantee they have for offering the best protection for your photographic equipment no matter what situation. We offer a huge variety of bags to satisfy your different carrying preferences: from backpacks, shoulder bags to roller bags and small pouches that are totally dedicated to keep your precious camera safe. Not only that, our range of bags also models available in the many different versions according to the type of the user’s camera. Check out our range from these amazing brands: Case Logic, GoPro, Fujifilm, Canon, Caseman and Generic.

Camera Bag Philippines: Your personal checklist to the right bag

Camera bags allow you to protect your most valuable jewel, your camera as well as carry a whole lot of gears where ever you go – all while giving your fast access to whatever you need. No matter if you are a professional photographer or someone who just loves to click away, here are something that you need to know when choosing a bag for your camera

What are you planning to shoot?

Knowing what you are planning to shoot is the first step in understanding which bag is the perfect one for you. Different photography themes delivers a unique set of challenges and requirements for photographers. From wedding photoshoots to exotic wildlife shoots or even casual party photographs, your theme would determine what lenses and gears your carry around with you for your shoot.

Where are you going and for how long?

Another criteria that you need to take into consideration when choosing your most ideal camera bag is the location and the time you would spend for your shoot. If you are heading out for multi-day backpacking expedition, you will obviously need a bag that can fit everything – your photography equipment, sleeping gear, food, clothing and just anything that you would need during your trip. But for daytrip, a smaller bag would be sufficient, a bag to carry your tablet, a bottle of water and change of clothing and obviously your camera needs.

What other activities are planned?

If you are a more active person who wouldn’t miss the chance to explore the deepest jungle or hiking up the tallest mountain without leaving your camera behind, then a super light carry along that is huge enough to fit your necessities is a requirement. You wouldn’t want your heavy bag to hinder your performance so it’s always good to find a bag that built for these activities without forgetting its protective features.

Now that these questions are answered and you already know what bag type of camera bag you need, it’s time to get it now on iprice before it’s too late. Capture the best moments in life without damaging your camera.