Film photography is the base to all photography today. Unfortunately, we may not give it as much credit as it needs. Find out how film photography is still relevant in today’s world here.

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Why film photography is still relevant in today’s world

With the dawn of the digital camera age, the world of photography took an unexpected turn. Many photographers discarded the use of their film cameras and moved on to digital cameras and video recorders. But truth be told, film is still a vital part of photography. The art of shooting with film rather than going fully digital has to be perfected to be a true professional. In Philippines, film cameras are seen as vintage and overall artistic machines. Big brands in the world of photography still produce film for everyday use. Here are some reasons why film photography is still relevant in the world today.

Play around with lighting

No type of digital camera allows you to play with lighting as much as film cameras do. Every digital camera today aspires to recreate what film cameras did since the early days of photography. This is due to the fact that photographers have a bigger scope when it comes to manipulation of light when shooting. Particularly for photographs such as long exposure shots for the night’s sky or the fading light of the evening sunset, film cameras bring in vivid colours and deep darks. The only downside to lighting in film is that the film is fragile and any over exposure to light could ruin your entire roll.

Vivid colours

When digital cameras first came out, the struggle was to recreate what film can do. One of the key elements of film cameras was the ability to play around with colours. Although this makes it harder to master, film cameras bring vivid colours to your photographs. Learn how to adequately use this manipulation of colours and you can be one of the top photographers in the business.

The biggest names in film photography

If you want to know whether a category of photography is still relevant in today’s age, simply look at the biggest names in photography. Look for those who have mastered the art and are still practicing today. Film companies such as Kodak, are still going strong with their use of multiple film lines across the world. Also, do look out for photographers that use film to shoot breath-taking photos of epic sceneries around the world.

Variety to pair with your film photography

Just like with any other photography, you will need the right tools for every shoot. Pair your film photography with the right accessories and you can be sure your photos will be exceptionally good. Some accessories you want to look into are tripods, camera bags, camera batteries, camera lenses, and camera flashes. Be sure to find out what type of photography works best for your surroundings before jumping on the bandwagon.

It is also good to have a budget before starting photography as a hobby or even a career. So what are you waiting for? Check out the wide variety of camera and photo accessories available for you online today!