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DSLR Cameras Price List in Philippines for November, 2018 

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When it comes to DSLRs, you can find tons of options. Always get the best prices by comparing different models from the most trusted online stores in the Philippines. Don't miss out on the best DSLRs price list in the Philippines September 2018 below!

Latest model: Nikon D850, ₱ 278,264.00; Canon EOS 5D Mark IV, ₱ 43,521.00; Nikon D810, ₱ 117,000.00
Most popular model: Nikon D3400, ₱ 18,888.00; Nikon D3100, ₱ 29,399.00; Canon EOS 1300D, ₱ 18,300.00
Cheapest model: Samsung GX-20 ₱ 2,617.00

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Nikon D750
From ₱ 42,135.00
3 Stores
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Top DSLR Cameras Price List 2018

Top 10 products Price Store
Nikon D3400 ₱ 16,249.00 Galleon
Nikon D3100 ₱ 21,922.00 Lazada
Nikon D3300 ₱ 16,022.00 Amazon
Nikon D5100 ₱ 19,500.00 Kimstore
Nikon D90 ₱ 10,715.00 Lazada
Nikon D3200 ₱ 36,832.00 Lazada
Nikon D850 ₱ 278,264.00 Galleon
Nikon D750 ₱ 42,135.00 Galleon
Nikon D5600 ₱ 29,300.00 Lazada
Canon EOS 700D ₱ 26,899.00 Lazada
Most Popular
Nikon D3400

Cheapest at Galleon ₱ 16,249.00 Go to Shop

Top Things to Consider When Choosing a DSLR Camera

Whether you are taking photography as a hobby or a professional who takes photos as a career, a DSLR camera is a great investment. With so many options and models available in the market today, choosing one that ticks all the boxes is not as easy as it may seem. Hence, below are considerations you need to take before you set out to purchase one:

Sensor Size

This is most probably the most important feature of a DSLR camera. Inside every DSLR camera is an image sensor which records the image that you see through the viewfinder of the DSLR camera and sends it to your memory card. The larger the size of the sensor, the more information it can capture and the clearer your pictures will be. Hence, if you are looking for a DSLR camera, just remember that the bigger, the better. Naturally, DSLR cameras with larger sensors tend to be more expensive so you will need to consider how much you are willing to spend.

Modes and Editing Features

All DSLR cameras come in a variety of modes such as Landscape, Portrait, Action, and so on. These modes are designed to enable you to capture the best images in different styles. Manual mode is undeniably best as you will be able to have full control of the settings but if you are new to using DSLR cameras, these modes can be a big help. However, there are some models that have additional modes that further modes that further enhance its versatility.

Many DSLR cameras today also include quick editing abilities so that you can edit photos right from the camera itself such as applying filters, changing exposure settings, and so on. Although they are not as versatile and complete as photo-editing software available on your computer, being able to edit photos on the camera itself can be useful when you are on the go.

Video Recording

Besides offering excellent image quality, DSLR cameras also offer superb video recording capabilities. This is the reason why these cameras are popular amongst professional vloggers and videographers. Most DSLR cameras today can record in full HD 1080p or 4K resolution but there are also models that are limited to non-HD recording. If you are someone who enjoys recording videos, DSLR cameras are highly recommended, especially those with higher frame rates and resolution. However, if you're an adventurer, video recording with a bulky DSLR can be a problem, that's why you would need the best action camera for your adventures.


You should also consider your budget before you purchase a DSLR camera. Brands such as Nikon, Canon, and Sony offer a wide selection of DSLR cameras – from affordable entry-level models to high-end units. There is also a possibility that you might purchase other accessories such as lenses, filters, tripod stands which can be quite costly.