Much like choosing a camera, choosing a DSLR flash requires thought and effort. Get an introduction into the world of DLSR flashes in the Philippines here.

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Godox AD600 ₱ 35,600.00 Lazada
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Godox Speedlite Softbox ₱ 152.00 LazMall by Lazada
Canon Speedlite 600EX II-RT ₱ 12,860.00 LazMall by Lazada
Godox TT520II ₱ 1,732.00 Shopee
Godox TT350S ₱ 2,922.00 Shopee
Nikon COOLSHOT 20 ₱ 11,100.00 Lazada
Nikon Remote Control ML-L3 ₱ 45.00 Shopee
Godox TT685S ₱ 3,900.00 Shopee
Godox TT685C ₱ 4,375.00 Lazada
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Godox AD600

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Top tips for choosing a DSLR Flash in the Philippines

Lights! Camera! Action! Snapping photos is not all that easy when doing it professionally. A key element of professional photography is getting the most suitable gear. For DSLR cameras in the Philippines, we need the right set of flash and lens modules to accompany our photographic equipment. Due to the fact that natural light isn’t always present, flashes are absolutely necessary. So how do we choose the right flash set for the camera model? Let’s look at some tips on how to choose the perfect DSLR camera flash.

Know your flash types

Before we go any further, you need to know what your options are for DSLR flashes. Here are some varieties you might want to look into:

  • Built-in flash
  • Fill-in flash
  • Bounce flash
  • Hotshoe flashgun
  • Hammerhead flash
  • Studio flash
  • Macro Ringlight Camera Flash

Each variant is built for a specific purpose. Not to mention, each also works well with selected camera brands and models. So let’s look at what factors you should consider when looking for a flash.

Factors to consider when choosing your DLSR flash

Most cameras may come with a built-in flash. However, DSLR cameras usually don’t include flash built into its design. This is due to the DSLR kit that you get when buying a DSLR camera. So here are some of the important factors to consider when choosing a DSLR flash.

Your photography style

What DSLR flash you choose is heavily dependent on what type of subject you intend to photograph. Much like choosing a camera, your flash must compliment what you are aiming to capture. If it is the movement you want to capture, you will need a flash that is fast. When taking macro shots, you would want a softer flash or a Ringlight flash. For a wider shot such as shooting a crowd or a large space, go for the Hammerhead flash.

Your camera

When choosing a DSLR camera, it is vital to get information on the flash that goes along with the module. Not all cameras were created equal. Hence, there are considerations into your camera’s capacity to handle an external flash. Look out for a port to connect your flash to your DSLR camera body. Once you have a port, you can easily slide in a flash that is compatible with it. Some flashes don’t need a specific port on the camera (Ringlight flash).

Flash capacity

A photographer’s play on light heavily influences the type of flash he/she uses. It’s no surprise that larger and darker areas require more powerful flashes such as the studio flash or the hammerhead flash. Choose a flash that has the appropriate power for your subject and location of your shoot.

These are just some of the considerations when looking for a flash to complement your DSLR camera. Now that you know more about DSLR flashes in the Philippines, you can go ahead and purchase one that fits your style of photography.