In a recent survey, it is said that the average Millennial may take up to 25,700 selfies in their lifetime. Now you can step-up your game with selfie cameras in the Philippines. Click here to learn how you can take the perfect selfie.


A guide on taking the perfect selfie

With the rise of Instagram, people all over the world are flooding their feed with various types of selfies. Regardless of how people look in real life, anyone can look good in a selfie, because a little practice goes a long way. So here are a few tips to keep in mind to will help you capture the perfect selfie.

Invest in a smartphone with a good quality camera

It comes as no surprise that not all smartphone cameras are made equal. Make sure to do your research on the camera features and quality when you purchase your next smartphone. However, if you have some extra cash lying around, you may also invest in a selfie camera that is specifically for that purpose.

Utilise appropriate lighting

Photos taken in studios always turn out good because they use plenty of proper lighting. Most
high-quality selfies need good lighting as it can make all the difference in photos. It is advisable to make use of natural lighting as it will make your photos look clear and flattering. To do so, you could stand close to a window while you face the light. Do not stand with your back to the sun as you will end up as a silhouette. Be reminded that no matter what natural lighting you have access to it will create incredible selfies. A well-lit room will also work wonders, but you would probably need to adjust your phone camera’s setting to get the best out of it.

Find the best angles

Many people are not aware that the right angle can really transform your selfies. Experiment with different angles until you find the one that makes you look your best. This is because not every face will look good from one side or one angle.

Control your facial expression

If you force a facial expression such as a smile, it may turn out to look fake and not sincere. However, this can be tricky as overdoing it can send a message that you are trying too hard. Practice is definitely required if you want to achieve the perfect natural expression, but it will be worth it in a long run. A good tip is to get inspiration from social media influencers who post selfies of themselves regularly.

Avoid overediting

Sure your selfie would look amazing with certain filter or effects, but it would not work if it is heavily edited. Nowadays, people online are becoming critical with the photos people posts as they are able to spot the fake one out of a thousand of photos.

Have fun

Be reminded that it is only a selfie, so you should not stress too much over it. No matter how great your selfie turns out to be, it might not be considered great according to another person’s standards. So always have fun and be yourself!

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