For security reasons, spy cameras can ensure your safety and the safety of others. Keep an eye out for illegal activities with spy cameras. Albeit the variety of spy cameras available, here are 3 types you can get.


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3 Types of spy cameras for all your recon work

When we think of spy camera, we think of espionage, crime-spy movies, as well as peeping toms. While these pictures may come to mind, spy cameras have been revolutionary in documenting some hidden activities that go on in our world, leading to changes being made all the way up to government-level policies. Considered pivotal in the role of exposing illegal activities, spy cameras show us the activities going on behind closed doors. If you’re thinking of doing some reconnaissance work, then here are some choices for spy cameras you can use.

Spy camera glasses

In the first installment of the Mission Impossible franchise, Tom Cruise and his team of spies gather intelligence by using espionage tactics during a formal event. One way that they kept a record of what they were viewing was using spy glasses. In real life, spy glasses work the same way. These frames are fitted with little cameras on either end of the frame. Appearing as a tiny screw mounting or hinge, these cameras give a peripheral view of the wearer’s surrounding. On the receiving end of the video transmission, the recording device stores all the data.

Some situations where this glasses would be extremely handy are in places such as where illegal activities are conducted. One huge area that spy glasses are used is in the world of exotic animal trade. Even in the Philippines, we find many wild exotic animals (even endangered species) being captured, tortured, caged up, exported, and eventually sold to buyers across the world. Even in the human sex trade, spy glasses have been used to document evidence to overthrow these illegal activities worldwide.

Keychain video recorder

If you don’t fancy wearing a spy camera on your face, you could always get a keychain video recorder. Made to be a handheld device, this little gadget allows you to record the activities going on around you without hassle. It looks just like a car’s key fob so those around you would be unsuspecting. The only downside is that many of these devices may not come with sound recording features. Simply get one and use it as a keychain for your car keys. This will make it natural and easy to bring around with you everywhere you go. Keep it with you as you travel because many-a-time, deviant activities are targeted at unsuspecting drivers.

Mini hidden camera

Now back to the traditional cameras that we use. Mini cameras are basically smaller versions of digital cameras. These little devices allow you to successfully record video and sound without being noticed. Although mini cameras are more obvious than keychain video recorders or spy glasses, they still work well when in a cluttered environment. Simply place them in a spot where only the lens protrudes out to catch video footage. You can also use mini hidden cameras as CCTV units.