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Candy O’ Lady Ade Facial Mist Skin Toner Sweet Pink Grapefruit Scent 60ml | With Vitamin C, Antioxidants, Amino Acids, Macadamia Seed Oils & More | Revitalize, Hydrate, Tone & Calm Your Skin
₱ 660.00

We Know What Has Been Missing From Your Daily Face Skincare Regime... A Candy O' Lady Pink Grapefruit Mist Spray Of Course! Say no to ... ... a dewy and all tired face. ... waking up to a dull looking skin. ... skincare products packed with chemicals. ... mist sprays that would suck in your skin's moisture. Just say yes to a Candy O' Lady soothing mist spray and find your peace of mind again! Treat your face like you should and watch it transform day by day! Enjoy A Baby Face & Hydrate Your Skin Effortlessly! Destined to make all your sweet dreams come true, our face toner mist is packed with only the best ingredients and extracts. Fortify your skin, gain that lost glow back, achieve an even skin tone, calm rashes, cool your face, and saturate your skin without making it dripping wet. Use in between your makeup routine to ensure a baby like smooth face! Thanks to its gel type formula, this mist will create a barrier on your skin, ameliorate tissue pliability and encourage skin cell repair. Hassle Free Use Even On The Go! Busy running errands or working all day long? Traveling long distances? Studying or attending classes from dusk to dawn? No matter what you do, this hydrating mist toner shouldn't be missing from your bag. Remove the cap, hold the fancy light bulb bottle 5 to 6 inches away from your face and spritz. A fresh and rejuvenating wave of sweet grapefruit will take you far away to places off the beaten track. Use it anywhere you want. While waiting for the bus, commuting to work, traveling, car rides, on the airplane, at home, the office, and coffee time with friends, when you wake up, or after your workouts! What are you waiting for? Scroll Up & Click Add To Cart Now!

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