Well recognised as a high jewellery maker for its classic and timeless jewelleries, Cartier takes refinement, craft and inspiration to a whole new level. This luxurious jewellery label is no stranger to the world with loyal fans that come from various backgrounds like the rich and noble to the Kings and Maharajas not only in the Philippines but from around the world. Get the best Cartier perfumes in the Philippines below!


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Cartier Philippines - True Love Has A New Color & Name

When you talk about Cartier, you talk about excellence, beauty and refinement. It is a trusted brand for jewellery, watches, accessories and fragrances that had excelled through many years. If you want a brand that could deliver utmost style and beauty to their products, Cartier is the best way to go. For their Filipino clients, something good online is coming your way.

Cartier’s colorful history

Cartier, an ancient label that started way back in 1847 when the founder Louis François Cartier saw the opportunity to create more royal worthy pieces to captivate more female nobles and enhance their experience with fine jewellery. Cartier swept the whole world by storm when Prince Rainier of Monaco asked the famous screen star Grace Kelly’s hand in marriage with an emerald cut 10.47-carat engagement ring in 1956. This deal made the brand famous and had set a trend that every wedding should be sealed with a cartier ring. Aside from its beauty, Cartier jewellery also started the trend of engraving the groom and bride’s name on each other’s rings, making it more personalized and magical for the wearer.

Exquisite products and collections from Cartier

As a brand that originated in making jewellery, Cartier had expanded their reaches to many products including fragrances, watches, accessories and many more. Below are Cartier’s wide array of collections now available in Philippines through their trusted online stores:

Jewellery Collection

  • AmuletteDe Cartier
  • LOVE
  • TrinityDe Cartier
  • Pantherede Cartier
  • ParisNouvelle Vague
  • JusteUn Clou
  • Jewelleryfor men

Watches for Him

  • Ballon Bleu De Cartier
  • Tank
  • Calibre De Cartier
  • Cle De Cartier
  • Santos De Cartier
  • Rotonde De Cartier
  • Ronde Croiserie De Cartier

Watches for Her

  • Tank
  • Ballon Beu De Cartier
  • Cle De Cartier
  • Ballon Blanc De Cartier
  • Santos De Cartier
  • Pasha De Cartier
  • Baignoire

Engagement Rings

  • Solitaire 1895
  • Cartier Destinee
  • Cartier d’Amour
  • Trinity Ruban
  • Ballerine
  • C de Cartier

Fragrances for Him

  • Declaration
  • Declaration d’Un Soir
  • Les Heures de Parfum
  • Eau de Cartier
  • Roadster
  • Pasha De Cartier
  • Santos De Cartier

Fragrances for Her

  • La Panthere
  • Baiser Vole
  • Le Baiser du Dragon
  • Must de Cartier
  • Eau de Cartier
  • Les Heures de Parfum

Included on Cartier’s exquisite line of products are handbags, leather goods, eyewear, bath and body products and other accessories such as pens, scarves, cufflinks, key rings, lighters and many more!

Celebrity engagement rings from Cartier

Because of the line’s exquisite design and style, celebrity engagement rings from Cartier is common in Hollywood and other media. It’s all the more reason you should get yourself some Cartier Jewellery!

  • Hollywood actress Nicole Kidman’s engagement ring from country singer Keith Urban is a unique example of upscale jewellery that holds not one, but an entire ring of diamonds surrounding Nicole’s finger.
  • Child star and Hollywood heiress Mary Kate Olsen received a 4-carat vintage Cartier ring from his boyfriend Olivier Sarkozy. Talk about size!
  • Hollywood actress-turned-Princess Grace Kelly, originally sported a Cartier eternity band from his fiance Prince Rainier III of Monaco and later then swapped it for 10.5-carat diamond ring, still from Cartier.
  • While her marriage to Russell Brand didn’t really work out well, pop singer Katy Perry looked absolutely stunning wearing a 3-carat Cartier engagement ring from his ex.
  • Back in 2005, when Paris Hilton got engaged to Paris Latsis, he gave her a staggering 24-carat diamond engagement ring but when our favorite A-list celebrity complained that it was ‘too heavy’ to carry around, he instead gave her a Cartier eternity band.

As a symbol of love and commitment, an engagement ring is an important part on your vows to marriage. That is why when choosing the right one for your partner, be sure to look at Cartier’s exemplary line of engagement rings. Your partner will surely fall in love with it!

Cartier’s Best Products in Philippines now online!

Whether you plan to give your significant other a gift, or you simply want to treat yourself to some fine jewellery, Cartier will be there for you with their best line of products that can make you look like a million dollars. Seal your engagement with Cartier rings and find true love with the brand’s best line of engagement rings. Don’t waste time and treat yourself to worry-free shopping experience. If you are looking for Cartier perfumes or jewellery online, take a look at our huge selection of products available in Philippines.