Why blow your budget on Swiss watches when you can get the same high-quality timepieces at a fraction of the cost? Casio G-Shock has an array of watched on par with Swiss watches that you can add into your watch collection without blowing your budget. Check it out now!

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Everything You Need to Know About Watches from Casio G-Shock Philippines

The Japanese timepiece manufacturer, Casio, prides itself in offering high-quality watches that features innovative technology as well as functionality all at the fraction of the cost. One of their subsidiaries, G-Shock, uses an improved watch technologies to bring you some of the best timepieces in the market today. Casio G-Shock watches are suitable to be worn by men and women, some product lines might even feature unisex watches that are highly functional to be worn under all kinds of circumstances.

What Casio G-Shock Watches Are Known For

Primarily, Casio G-Shock watches are known for its mechanical shock resistance as well as its Gravitational Shock. What this means is that the Casio G-Shock watches are able to handle a fall from up to 10 meters. It can also resist water up to 10 bars and has a battery life up to 10 years.

What Casio G-Shock Watches Are Made Of

Casio G-Shock watches uses quartz movements that are protected by 10 layers of urethane rubber bumper, stainless steel case, and hardened mineral glass. These materials help the watch to withstand all kinds of shocks (most predominantly shocks from falls, drops, impacts, and more).

Different Types of Casio G-Shock Watches in the Philippines

G-Shock watches are no different than other prominent brands; they offer different timepiece lines focusing on different types of innovations and functionalities. The following are some of the brand’s most popular watch collections due to its features, designs, and technologies.


The Mr-G G-Shock watches are described as the epitome of luxury and strength. All of the MR-G G-Shock watches are made with sapphire glass, diamond-like carbon coating, and special titanium that is 5 times tougher than regular titanium. Modern MR-G G-Shock watches are equipped with the GPS Hybrid Wave Ceptor to give you an accurate timekeeping no matter where you are in the world. Other features also include solar-powered movements, Bluetooth link, and water resistance up to 200 meters.

Master Of G

For the outdoor lovers, the Master of G G-Shock watches are the perfect companion because of its technologies. These watches have been adapted and evolved to function and respond successfully to the conditions on land, at sea, and in the sky. The Master of G watches for the land includes the G-Shock MudMaster Lineup; the watches from this lineup are built to stand in harsh conditions like muddy grounds, sandstorms, or specks of dust. The GravityMaster Lineup includes watches that have built-in temperature sensors and super LED for accuracy at any altitude, making these watches perfect for pilots. Lastly, the GulfMaster Lineup watches for the sea can resist the toughest sea storms with its sensors and storm alarm that can alert you to any sudden changes in atmospheric pressure.


The G-Steel G-Shock watches are suitable to be worn in both casual and formal circumstances. These versatile G-Shock watches feature double –layer bezel, hybrid resin, and stainless steel construction as well as refined metallic finish. The G_Steel G-Shock watches feature multiple dials on the face of the timepieces and are also equipped with Bluetooth, solar-powered power saving technology, LED light illumination, and dual dial World Time to help you keep track of time wherever you are.


The G-Shock S-Series collection is one of the brand’s product lines that cater towards women. The silhouette of these G-Shock watches is designed to be more feminine without sacrificing any of its innovative technologies. Available in various colors, both bright neon and neutral, the G-Shock S-Series watches comes with a three-axis acceleration sensor to count your steps, water resistance up to 200 meters, 1/100 second stopwatch, and various types of alarms.


As another watch collection targeted towards women and young adults, the G-Shock Baby-G watches are both functional and fashion-forward. The G-Shock Baby-G watches come in many chic designs as well as their different functions. Some of Baby-G’s own collections include the White Tricolor Series, the Running Series, Origin Series, Beach Glamping Series, Beach Traveler Series, and the Urban Runner Series. The G-Shock Baby-G watches are also more affordable than other G-Shock watches for women so if you’re looking for a starter watch to jumpstart your timepiece collection, consider one of the G-Shock Baby-G watches.

Aside from these watch collections, G-Shock also has other product lines catering towards different people from different backgrounds with different hobbies and passion. They also have a series of limited edition watches, mostly as a result of G-Shock collaboration with fashion or timepiece designers and other watch companies.