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Casio G-Shock watches have often been known as the go-to wrist watches for risk-takers and adventurers. They’re also great for the everyday person who doesn’t want to worry about their watches being damaged by water or accidental scrapes, though! Read here for more information!

Prices updated on 29 Jun 2017

G-Shock Philippines

What are G-Shocks?

G-Shocks are a line of watches that are manufactured by Casio. G-Shock watches are designed to be very tough and to primarily cater towards the risk-taking wearers, such as extreme sports; it is also designed for military and police use.

G-Shock watches typically have very high durability against the environment, being water, dust, and shock-proof. Because of these features, G-Shock watches tend to be very bulky and angular. Casio watches usually display time in either analogue, digital, or a combination of both. G-Shocks also come with extra features such as a stopwatch, backlight, and even compasses for the lost times.

Choosing the right G-Shock watch in Philippines

Casio has a variety of G-Shock watches in Philippines. They come from several different sublines and in possibly one of the widest range of colours out there. G-Shock watches also come in different shapes and sizes for both men and women, including their ever-famous Baby-G line.

For the active Ladies

S Series

G-Shock comes in two different line-ups for the ladies (and the feminine side in the men): The G-Shock S Series and the Baby-G line.

The S-Series are for the active ladies who want the full functionality of the men line of G-Shocks, but in more pleasant-looking colours. S Series G-Shocks come in a variety of bright colours, as well as an assortment of military-inspired shades.


The Baby-G line is a spin-off of G-Shock watches that are just exactly what their name is: Smaller G-Shocks that are meant for a ladies’ smaller wrist. Baby-G watches are suited for those who want a blend of style and G-Shock toughness on their wrist.

These watches feature smaller watch faces and petite watchstraps in comparison to a G-Shock watch. Baby-G watches also have slightly less features, but are more colourful.

­For the outdoor Man

Master of G

The Master of G line of G-Shock watches cater to very specific markets and users. Each model in the Master of G line has a specific feature that is unique to its target market. The Master of G line of watches is for those who must absolutely have a specific feature such as the Tide Graph and Direct Compass in the Gulfman for those who are constantly at sea.

These watches are truly the masters of their environment.


Not all G-Shock users are constantly in rugged environments – or truly even need a ruggedized watch in their everyday lives. However, it’s still a great idea to have a tough durable watch that won’t break if you look at it funny.

The MT-G line of G-Shock watches is for those who want the excellent blend of style and luxury with the ruggedness that G-Shock is very well known for. MT-G G-Shocks are typically made with strong durable steel that gives it a sense of luxury and class, without losing on the G-Shock durability.

G-Shock Philippines, the watches for you

There isn’t any other durable brand of watches that’s like G-Shock in Philippines: It brings great value, style, and toughness in a single wristwatch that’s almost too difficult to miss. If you want a peace of mind on your watch's durability in this modern world, get a G-Shock.

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