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Since the dawn of time, numbers have played an important part of our lives. From shop keeping to keeping track of our finances, numbers are important and it is just as important to make sure that the numbers are as accurate as possible. If you are stressed with wondering why the shop accounts or your bills are not adding up, why not take a look at the calculators that Casio has to offer? Click here to learn more about Casio Calculators.

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Casio Calculator Philippines: The Best Scientific Calculator for Your Needs

Casio Calculator Philippines: From Basic To Complex

Before the electric calculators we see today, many accountants, shopkeepers and mathematicians of old used a hand-operated mechanical calculator called the abacus. It was used as a way to make it easier to add and subtract numbers without making too much error. As time went on, more mechanical calculators were created to calculate more complex equations.

Then came the time when Casio was born in year 1946. It will be years later that the company came up with a prototype for an all-electric compact calculator. It is the first company to have invented a compact all-electric calculator in the world in year 1957 as as well as the first company to introduce an electronic calculator with memory function in year 1965.

Casio has since built a name for themselves in the industry with its constant innovation to stay ahead of the competition and the “if it doesn’t exist, create it” mindset. Casio calculators have been well recognized in the industry and is used by many students, mathematicians, accountants and shopkeepers alike.

Casio Calculator Philippines: A Numbers Game

From simple basic calculators to complicated scientific calculators, Casio offers a wide range of choices to make life easy for people who require them. Below is a list of calculators they manufacture:

  • Practical Calculators

    • Can perform basic subtraction, addition, division and multiplication
    • Available in different models to suit different needs (small and portable, colourful, wide for desk top, etc.)
    • Comes with two-way power options (solar powered or battery powered)
  • Printing Calculators

    • Great for shopkeepers
    • Prints each calculation step and results that can attached to documents
    • Available in mini portable size or a bigger size that can sit on the table top
    • Certain models print in double colours
  • Scientific Calculators

    • Available in standard models to models that display coloured graphics
    • Can be used to perform complex mathematical equations
    • Certain models can be used to draw graphs
    • Great tool for students and people who use advanced maths in their everyday lives
  • Professional Calculators

    • Only 1 model available: the fx-FD10 Pro
    • Used by civil engineers and surveying engineers
    • Water-resistant and dust-resistant with an impact-resistant body
    • Can be plugged into computer to transfer data via USB cable and has a SD card slot
    • Is installed with 21 programs that caters specifically to those 2 job fields

Casio Calculator Philippines: Making Life Easy

Shop for the best Casio calculators for your needs here on iprice. We offer Casio Scientific at affordable prices. If these calculators are too complex or do not meet your needs, why not click on Calculators and browse for other options? Purchase a calculator and make life just a little easier when managing your finances.