Casio watches are some of the best timepieces in the Philipines, along with top-notch brands like Apple, Fossil, Michael Kors, Seiko, and G SHOCK. Browse the latest Casio products, or find out more about Casio watches below!


Casio Philippines: Everything You Need to Know | Casio Touch Watch Price

Even though nowadays we have our smartphones to tell us the time, having a watch on your wrist is still very relevant. Casio Philippines is one of the most sought-after affordable watch brands that have fulfilled the need of many people.

Among the variety of watches that are offered by Casio Philippines include Casio Analogue, Casio Chronograph, Casio Digital, Casio Sport, and Casio Straps. Among the most popular watches for men is the Casio Edifice Watches and the Casio G-Shock Watches. On the other hand, the best selling Casio watch collection is the Baby-G series.

Casio Philippines Watches for Men

Multifunctional and specially designed to suit men, Casio watches are reviewed to be the best watch brand gift for young men on their first job. Not too expensive (lower chance to be snatch thieves prey) and less fancy-looking (presents a humbler image on a first job), Casio Watches for Men are a safe and practical pick.

Casio Men’s Watch Collection:

  • G-Shock
  • Pro Trek
  • Bluetooth Sports Gear
  • Wave captor
  • Dress
  • Classic
  • Databank
  • Sports

Casio Philippines Watches for Women

Colorful, playful and practical, Casio Watches for Women are a must-have collection for any women. Used as a tool to tell the time, Casio women’s watches are also a favorite dressing accessory. Available in a wide range of vibrant colors and bubbly designs, mix and match your clothing with Casio watches.

Casio Women’s watch collection:

  • Baby-G
  • G-Shock S Series
  • Bluetooth Sports Gear
  • Dress
  • Classic
  • Sports

How to take care of your Casio Watches

To keep Casio watches at its best conditions, just follow these simple guidelines.

  • Don’t open the casing of the watch nor remove the back cover without proper tooling.
  • Clean Casio watches and band straps with a soft dry cloth with a mild detergent to remove excess dirt. Never use other liquids such as thinner and spray cleaners when cleaning.
  • Wipe Casio watches face with a clean synthetic cloth.
  • Keep Casio watches in its designated box and store it in a dry place when not in use.

Frequently Asked Questions about Casio Watches

How to pick your Casio watches?

With so many Casio watches offered by Casio Philippines, you may want to consider these few points when picking out Casio watches.

Think about:

  • Functionality – Timer, Count-down timer, Formal wear, Casual use, World-time, Waterproof
  • Who is it for? – his/her taste, favorite colors, size of wrist
  • Price/Budget – How much are you willing to spend?
  • Watch Straps – Rubber (durable, lightweight but not formal); Metal (long-lasting, attractive but heavy); Leather (classic looks, comfortable but requires upkeep)

Picking a watch as a gift can be a bit tricky, but generally, Casio watches are safe picks as the designs are made to suit mass consumers and come at affordable prices.

How much is Casio watch in the Philippines?

As of August 2020, the prices of Casio watches in the Philippines range from ₱ 951.00 to ₱ 19,627.85. Casio watches are available on leading e-marketplaces in the Philippines like Lazada and Shopee.

Casio Touch Watch Price Philippines



Casio Watch Price


Casio G-Shock Men'S Quartz Sports Watch Gg-1000

₱ 2,480.00



₱ 1,500.00


Casio (Crazy Sale)100% Original Ga 110 G-Shock Wrist Watch Men Electronic Watch Import

₱ 951.00


Casio Couple G-Shock

₱ 4,560.00


Casio Men's G-Shock Move, GPS + Heart Rate Running Watch, Quartz Solar Assisted Watch with Resin Strap, Gray, (Model: GBD-H1000-8CR)

₱ 19,627.85


Casio Men's Casio Master of G Mudmaster Carbon Core Guard Quad Sensor Connected Grey Resin Watch GGB100-1A

₱ 16,757.70


Casio Gshock Couple

₱ 2,900.00


Casio G037 Edifice Couple Watch Metal

₱ 1,000.00


Casio Oem G-Shock Couple Oem Watch Store

₱ 1,750.00


CASIO Sheen (W/ Swarovski Crystals)

₱ 2,900.00

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