There are endless possibilities when it comes to dominating the entrepreneurial world and in order to stand out and win the customers, a company has to look at every potential angle to create the brand awareness. There is one name that we can immediately praise as a success story, the World’s top 58 leading brand – Caterpillar Inc. Although the company’s core product segmentations are construction machines and equipment, its brand image has been merchandised in forms of apparel, bags, footwear, and a significant amount of other consumer products from phones to die-cast toys and many more. To live up to the reputation of Caterpillar, their licensed distributors always prioritise the quality and durability of each and every product. Let’s explore the world of Caterpillar’s diverse catalogues right here at iprice Philippines!

CAT Phones & Tablets

The pillar of Caterpillar’s reputable portfolio

Caterpillar Inc. is known as a global enterprise who built their brand based on integrity, excellence, teamwork, commitment and sustainability. The commitment to these codes of conduct is the mandatory guideline for every licensed merchandise to produce high quality products that still keep the essence of Caterpillar alive.

With the natural business of Caterpillar being heavy equipment, its licensing approval process is strictly analysed, inspected and monitored by the team of experts and professionals from the industry. The huge potential of boosting sales under the world renowned logo urges dozens of companies to submit their products or services each year but very few of them can fulfil the requirements.

Throughout the history of 90 years, Caterpillar has acquired in total 21 valuable brands that can reflect the company’s outstanding brand value as listed below:

  • CAT
  • CAT Financial
  • CAT Reman
  • CAT Rental Store
  • Anchor
  • Asiatrak
  • FG Wilson
  • Hindustan
  • Hypac
  • Mak
  • MWM
  • Olympian
  • Perkins
  • Prentice
  • Progress Rail
  • Pyroban
  • SEM
  • Zhengzhou Siwei
  • Solar Turbines
  • Turbomach
  • Turner Powertrain Systems

A promise that goes a long way

One of the portfolio companies above has marked their name solidly in the success record of Caterpillar Inc. - CAT.

Being the cornerstone of the Caterpillar empire, CAT earned its credit through the commitment to total life cycle value. There was this unfortunate accident happened to a 27-year-old railroad man Jeremy Givens that had certified CAT’s super durable and high quality products.

Jeremy faced a terrible hazard while switching out a 5000 ton cut of freight cars in a Cheyenne, Wyoming rail yard when suddenly the flat car shuddered and knocked him down towards the gigantic moving wheels. As he struggled to break the fall, his right boot got stuck in a coupler and caused it to shunt instantly.

Jeremy had to undergo a complex and terrifying skin graft and followed by a daily oxygen treatment. The accident could have costed him to lose his foot completely but thanks to CAT’s steel-toe boots that he trusted to wear, only two toes in the injured foot were amputated and he could walk and work again.

CAT is truly a blessing to construction workers like Jeremy!

The leading brand of Caterpillar’s life style products

With its high appreciation from the customers worldwide, CAT is the one brand that ensures all the codes of conduct set by Caterpillar. From superb quality, tough and reliable bags, high functional and strong performance watches to cutting edge footwear, durable and stylish apparel to long-lasting scale models, various accessories and many more.

CAT bags come in diverse categories and styles. You can find everything you need for any occasions with confidence: duffel bags, trolleys, backpacks, messenger bags, laptop bags, waist bags, wallets and table bags with unique designs that capture the soul of Caterpillar brand vividly.

When it comes to purchasing a bag, durability always comes first. With CAT's reputable extraordinary high quality performance from time to time, you need not to worry about anything. Not only functional, reliable but their collection of bags can also easily satisfy the most demanding fashionista.

Diecast Toys

CAT also specializes in manufacturing collectable diecast toys that come in different sizes and models. These toys make a great source of practical and useful knowledge for kids and adults alike, from trucks, tractors to Caterpillar’s replicas of equipment.

Diecast toys are defined as toys or scale models manufactured by using the casting method. They are made of metal, plastic, rubber or glass detail. Not just fun and educational, CAT’s diecast construction toys have a superb quality that last for decades to generations.

The iconic brand that stands for the community

Caterpillar not only focuses in increasing revenue but also cares for the social benefits. The company’s sustainable development goals pertain to social responsibility. The Caterpillar Foundation was established with a promise to alleviate poverty and provide everyone in the world a solid pathway to prosperity, most importantly through education.

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