Centrum vitamins contain a host of nutrients that support energy, metabolism, and the immune system’s ability to fight off infection caused by viruses such as coronavirus (Covid-19) and H1N1. Read on to find out more about Centrum vitamins price, availability, formulation, benefits, and more below!


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Centrum Price FAQ: Centrum Vitamins, Benefits, Formulation, and More!

What are the benefits of Centrum?

Centrum multivitamins are specially formulated for men and women. They contain Centrum Forte Essentials which helps meet the nutritional needs of adults. Centrum multivitamins for men contain more Zinc and B Vitamins, while Centrum for women is formulated with more Magnesium, Calcium, and Vitamin D. These formulations translate to incredible health benefits including the following.

  • It boosts the immune system’s ability to fight off diseases caused by viruses such as H1N1 and coronavirus (Covid-19). It maintains eyesight, bone strength, skin health, and the body’s ability to metabolize nutrients.
  • It maintains good health, as it is packed with a complete formulation of minerals and vitamins.
  • For those with gluten sensitivity, Centrum multivitamins are gluten-free and non-GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms).

What are the side effects of Centrum?

If taken more than the recommended dose, Centrum multivitamins and minerals can cause life-threatening side-effects. Make sure you adhere to the instructions on the label or to your doctor’s prescription. Taking the recommended dosage treats mineral and vitamin deficiencies caused by diseases, digestive disorders, poor nutrition, pregnancy, and many other conditions.

Do centrum vitamins make you gain weight?

Multivitamins such as Centrum don’t help improve weight gain, however, poor nutrition or vitamin deficiencies can affect your appetite. For instance, having Vitamin D deficiency can interfere with one’s appetite control. As such, it’s recommended to take multivitamins like Centrum to avoid or reduce such symptoms.

What vitamins are in Centrum multivitamin?

Centrum multivitamins are packed with a plethora of micronutrients including the following.

Centrum Micronutrients

Why do you need it?


It helps maintain normal growth and supports development during childhood, adolescence, and pregnancy. It’s also important for having a proper sense of smell and taste.


Since the body has more than 300 reactions on a constant basis, magnesium is a crucial micronutrient. It also helps make proteins and is important for energy production.


It’s essential for bone health. Having calcium deficiency can lead to weaker bones and can interfere with full potential adult health in children. Meanwhile, adults may experience bone disorders such as osteoporosis.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D supports bone strength and maintains a strong skeleton. Even a slight deficiency in Vitamin D can lead to bone disorders, as it reinforces the body to deplete calcium from bones in exchange for having maintained balance in the body. Disorders associated with the lack of Vitamin D include rickets in children and infants; osteomalacia, also known as “adult rickets,” that causes muscle and bone pain; and osteoporosis which reduces bone density and thins out bones, increasing the risk of bone fracture.

Vitamin C

It’s essential for cell repair and growth, especially for children and pregnant women. It also supports the formation of collagen that is an important component of cartilage, bones, skin, ligaments, and blood vessels. As such, Vitamin C repairs and maintains skin, muscles, bones, and teeth.

Vitamin A

Your body needs it to maintain the integrity of your lungs, digestive system, and skin, as well as your urinary tract linings. It creates a barrier to support your immune system. It also supports the formation of white blood cells, which plays an essential role in having a strong immune system.


Taking 3,000- 6,000 micrograms of beta-carotene daily can help maintain normal blood levels for eye health.


It helps maintain the production of hemoglobin that carries oxygen to cells. It plays a huge role in supporting health and promoting life, as iron is mostly found in hemoglobin. It is also crucial for regulating cell growth, repair, and replication, as well as having a normal immune system and brain function.