Cherry Mobile is a household name in the Philippines when it comes to electronics, specialized in manufacturing top-notch yet affordable smartphones and accessories. Learn more about Cherry Mobile phones and tablets or check out the brand's latest products below.

Cherry Mobile Phones Price List PRICE STORE
Cherry Mobile Flare S6 ₱ 4,188.00 Lazada
Cherry Mobile Flare S5 ₱ 4,399.00 Lazada
Cherry Mobile Flare S4 ₱ 9,999.00 Lazada
Cherry Mobile Flare S4 Plus ₱ 9,239.00 Lazada
Cherry Mobile Flare S5 Plus ₱ 4,199.00 Lazada
Cherry Mobile Flare P1 ₱ 2,499.00 Lazada


Top Cherry Mobile Price List 2019

Top 10 products Price Store
Cherry Mobile Flare J3 ₱ 1,799.00 Shopee
Cherry Mobile Flare S6 ₱ 3,990.00 Shopee
Cherry Mobile Flare S4 ₱ 3,000.00 Shopee
Cherry Mobile Flare P1 ₱ 1,799.00 Shopee
Cherry Mobile Astro 2S ₱ 1,600.00 Shopee
Cherry Mobile C7i ₱ 578.00 Shopee
Cherry Mobile Flare S5 Mini ₱ 2,299.00 LazMall by Lazada
Cherry Mobile Flare J1 ₱ 1,999.00 Shopee
Cherry Mobile Flare S5 Power ₱ 4,999.00 Lazada
Cherry Mobile Flare S5 Mini Gray ₱ 2,299.00 LazMall by Lazada
Most Popular
Cherry Mobile Flare J3

Cheapest at Shopee ₱ 1,799.00 ₱ 3,000.00 Go to Shop

Everything You Need to Know about Cherry Mobile

About Cherry Mobile

Cherry Mobile was founded by Maynard Ngu in the Philippines in 2008. With a passion to make quality, powerful yet affordable mobile phones to every Filipino, the company has managed to attract consumers with their affordable yet powerful phones.

Why Choose Cherry Mobile

There are many reasons to love Cherry Mobile. It may be a local brand, but the products and services they offer are world-class.

  • It is a homegrown brand that produces phones with specs that are tailored to match the digital needs of every consumer.
  • They offer mobile phones that would suit the budget of every Filipino, from low-end phones to high-end ones. The good thing about them is that the prices of their premium phones are very affordable.
  • Their mobile devices are customized according to the Philippine’s mainstream media.
  • Most of their phones have dual SIM capability.
  • It is the first local brand that launched Windows Phones at a very affordable price.
  • Their premium models will surely give more bang for your buck.
  • Low-end phones offer more than just texting and calling features.

Types of Cherry Mobile Phones

Their basic phones range from bar phones to qwerty phones to touchscreen phones.

  • C9i - this is the latest bar phone from Cherry Mobile. Aside from the call and text functionality, it offers dual sim capability, expandable memory up to 8GB, FM Radio, and MP3 Player; all of these features for a price less than PHP 900.
  • D21TV – This basic phone goes beyond the definition of “basic.” Despite being labeled as a basic phone, it’s packed with features that you’d never expect from a bar phone.
  • Flare Series – Cherry Mobile is renowned for this smartphone series. The smartphones in this range are powered by decent processors and have features that are designed to meet users' productivity and entertainment needs.

Cherry Mobile Tablets

The Alpha Series

This is Cherry Mobile's hybrid tablet range that comes with notable features including the ability to switch operating systems from Windows to Android. The Alpha tablets come in 2 sizes - 8-inch and 10-inch models. They both run on Windows 8 OS with a processor speed of 1.33Ghz. Their internal memories vary, as the 10-inch version has 32GB capacity while the 8-inch has 16GB. Both devices have storage capacities which are expandable up to 128GB. Furthermore, the tablets from the Alpha series come with a 1TB cloud storage courtesy of Microsoft's OneDrive.

Superion Series

The Superion Series comprises of mid-range tablets. They have sleek designs that resemble those from top brands. They run on Android OS and have processing speeds of 1.3 GHz. In terms of memory, they have 1GB RAM and 8GB internal storage which can be expanded up to 64GB. Some of the most notable Cherry Mobile tablets from the Superion range include the Superion Probe, Ion, Endeavor, and Scope. Each tablet features a different style, specifications, and price.

Fusion Series

This tablet series is composed of Cherry Mobile tablets, which offer bare-bones features. They are encased in hard plastic and have HD displays that offer good quality visuals. Fusion Fire, Aura, Bolt, and Storm, are some of the most popular Fusion tablets from the smartphone brand.

Aside from Cherry Mobile phones and tablets, check out these computing products.

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