Chigo offers some of the best air conditioners in the Philippines, along with top-notch brands like LG, Panasonic, Carrier, Samsung, Daikin, Kolin, Condura, Koppel, and Hitachi. Chigo air conditioners are sought after for their innovative features and specifications. Browse the latest Chigo appliances, or find out more about Chigo air conditioners below.


Chigo Aircon FAQs: Chigo Aircon Price, Availability, and More!

How much is Chigo aircon in the Philippines?

As of August 2020, the price of Chigo aircon in the Philippines ranges from ₱ 9,490.00 to ₱ 94,495.00. Chigo air conditioners are available on leading e-marketplaces in the Philippines like Shopee and Lazada.

Chigo Aircon Price Philippines - August 2020

Chigo Air Conditioners



Chigo Window Type Aircon R410 Manual And Remote

₱ 9,490.00


Chigo 1 Hp Full Dc Inverter Wall Mounted Split Type Air Conditioner Chg-S156I100A

₱ 27,495.00


Chigo 0.8 Hp Manual Window Type Air Conditioner

₱ 12,995.00


Chigo 1.5 Hp Full Dc Inverter Wall Mounted Split Type Air Conditioner Chg-S156I150A

₱ 31,495.00


Chigo CHG-WR150A 1.5HP Remote Controlled Window Type Air Conditioner (White)

₱ 18,699.00


Chigo 2.5 Hp Remote Controlled Window Type Air Conditioner (Non-Inverter)

₱ 28,995.00


Chigo CUA-36CN 3.0TR Floor/Ceiling Suspended Air Conditioner (White)

₱ 59,995.00


Chigo CUA-36CNVR1 3.0TR Inverter Floor/Ceiling Suspended Air Conditioner (White)

₱ 94,495.00


Chigo 2 Hp Wall Mounted Split Type Air Conditioner Chg-S170R200A (Non-Inverter)

₱ 32,495.00


Chigo 2 Hp Full Dc Inverter Wall Mounted Split Type Air Conditioner Chg-S156I200A

₱ 41,495.00


Chigo Philippines: What to Look for in a Window Type Air Conditioner

Filter Type

  • Standard — Be sure to replace this basic filter periodically to ensure there is proper filtration and airflow.
  • Washable — You can clean this filter in the kitchen or bathroom sink. Unlike a basic filter, a washable filter is durable and can stand against multiple washes.


The thermostat on Chigo air conditioning units is what allows users to adjust the cooling output. Middle to higher-tier models will come with a digital thermostat that has a readout of the temperature, be it the selected or the actual temperature.

Programmable Timer

A programmable timer lets users set a delayed start or stop time. This helps in managing energy consumption. You can set the timer in one-hour intervals and extend it to 12 or 14 hours. If the unit is off, setting the timer lets you determine when it will automatically turn on. And when it is turned on, setting the timer lets you select the point at which it will shut off.

Adjustable Fan Speed

This feature allows you to adjust the fan speed on the unit, affecting the rate at which your space cools down. Typically, you can choose between two (low and high) or three fan (low, medium, high) speeds.

Energy Star Rating

Air conditioners that feature an Energy Star rating are 15% more efficient than other units. Energy Star rating is something you may want to consider if you are planning to frequently utilize your window type air conditioner.