After the new year came around, the Chinese are still preparing to celebrate their own festivities. The Lunar New Year, or simply and widely known as Chinese New Year, occurs between January 21st and February 21st. Just like the new year that we’re all familiar with, the new Chinese new year is supposed to bring prosperity and happiness. Read below to find out more about the Chinese New Year 2019 traditions you should follow to bring you good luck.

Chinese New Year Traditions in the Philippines to Bring You Good Luck

There are many things that can be attributed to Chinese New Year, including the color red, oranges, and more. There’s a reason why these things are highly used during this time of year and it’s predominantly because they are believed to bring good luck. Find out what traditions can bring you good luck during Chinese New Year 2019!

The customs

The Chinese culture is abundant with traditions and there are many customs that you should follow during this CNY to maximize your good luck for the next year. One of them includes cleaning your whole entire house before Chinese New Year comes around. The belief is that if you sweep your house after the celebration, you’ll sweep away any good luck that comes through your front door.

The decor

Chinese New Year decorations are not just for aesthetic purposes as every specific decor item has their own special meanings. For instance, the red rectangular paper with the gold Chinese character in the middle contains the letter “Fu” which represents good luck. It’s even better if you hang these characters upside down because the luck will “pour down” into your home. On the other hand, the mandarin orange trees are used as decor because the color of gold which symbolizes prosperity.

The gifts

Just like Christmas, there’s also gift exchange during Chinese New Year. The only difference is the form of the gift where the Chinese give each other cash instead of products. Usually given in a red envelope or angpao, the gift is given from elders to the younger family members. Although, in modern days, employers also give out angpao to their employees.

The clothes

Chinese New Year is also the time to rock your best clothes. Traditionally, women wear Chinese dresses or cheongsam and the men wear blouses called samfu. However, you can opt not to wear these and put on your cocktail dresses or modern suites. Some people still choose to wear red to invite more good luck but the younger generation is more liberal in their choice of outfits.