If you are looking for a stylish hat that would keep you warm during the cold season, then a beanie would be something you need. Find the best beanies in the Philippines from the biggest brands online or read more about the many types of beanies below.

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Different Types of Beanies that you should Know About

A beanie is a type of hat that is mostly knitted and is designed to provide warmth during cold weather. Traditionally, it is worn by sailors, fishers, hunters, or any type of work that requires you to spend your days outdoors. Although a beanie can also refer to as a seamed or brimless cap, the term "beanie" is more referred to the former. It is simple, easy to wear, and has become a staple in street and casual wear.

Today, beanies come in a variety of types and designs. Below are just some of the most common type of beanies that you should know about.

Cuffless Beanies

Perhaps one of the most popular types of beanies, cuffless beanies are beanies that have a defined length without any extra fabric to fold or unfurl at the top or the edge. Many streetwear brands use this type of beanie for their collections primarily because it can be worn in average weather because it doesn't have additional thickness or folds. Cuffless beanies may not have cuffs but they are long enough to reach the forehead.

Cuffed Beanies

Another common type of beanie, cuffed beanies are the exact opposite of cuffless beanies. Instead of having a defined length, cuffed beanies have fabric that can be folded usually at the bottom edges and can be adjusted to cover your ears. Since you lost more body heat through your ears, it is advisable that you wear cuffed beanies during the winter or cold weather.

Earflap Beanies

As the name suggests, an earflap beanie is a type of headwear with flaps at the sides to cover your ears. Like cuffed beanies, these flaps prevent body heat from escaping too fast through your years and provide additional warmth during colder seasons. Attached to the flaps are strings that you can wrap around your chin to snugly fit it around your head.

Visor or Brimmed Beanies

If you combine a typical baseball cap and a beanie, this is the result that you would get. Visor or brimmed beanies has all the elements of a beanie except it has a visor like a ball cap. This type of beanies are great if you are looking for an outdoor adventure during cold weather such as snowboarding or skiing. The visor can protect your eyes from both falling snow and sunlight.

Ski Masks

Speaking of skiing, ski masks are also a type of beanie. While ski masks have received a bad reputation for being used in criminal activity, this type of beanie is designed to cover your head entirely, including the face. Slits for the eyes and mouth are made to enable the wearer to see and talk while wearing the beanie.

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