In the corporate world, the first impression is a very crucial matter. Within seconds, your attire speaks about who you are. Whether it’s for a job interview, first day at work, or meeting with an important client, the way you dress up affects your self-presentation. Read below to find out more about business attire in the Philippines.

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All You Need to Know About Corporate Attire PH

What is a corporate dress code?

Corporate dress, or also known as business attire refers to the formal clothing that people wear to work. Corporate dress code works as a guiding principle on how one should dress depending on the line of work, job position, and company culture. Some workplace writes standard of dress code, even if your workplace doesn’t, you can suit yourself up by observing your workplace environment.

How do you dress for corporate attire?

There are four basic classifications of office attire that you can follow from for both women and men:

Types of attire



Business Formal

Formal collared button-ups suit, business shirt, conservative tie, high-end accessories, leather dress shoes, and briefcase.

Formal button-up blouses, skirt suits or pantsuits, dark or nude stockings, closed-toe heels, statement jewelry, and briefcase.

Business Casual

Collared colored shirts with or without a tie, golf-type shirts, pullovers, sweaters, vests, informal jackets, black dress pants, pressed khakis, leather shoes, and casual accessories.

Colored shirts and blouses, Skirt, cardigan, jacket, slacks, khakis, statement accessories, comfortable shoes like flats, loafers, and closed-toe pumps.

Smart Casual

Casual pants. slacks, collared polos, crew-neck sweaters, pullovers, casual accessories, sneakers, or loafers.

Cotton knee-length slacks or skirts, dressy sweaters, casual accessories, open-toed footwear.


Casual pants, jeans, shirts with or without collars, sweaters, sweatshirts, sandals, and athletic footwear.

Casual skirts, pants, and jeans, tops, blouses, sweaters, sweatshirts, casual shoes like sandals, and athletic wear.

If you are a new employee or going for an interview, you can dress more formally on your first day. Once you get the opportunity to observe your colleague dresses or receive the written business dress code regulations, you can adjust to it accordingly. Make sure you create a good first impression by dressing up properly.

What is formal office wear for ladies?

For women, there are five basic office wear items you need to have in your wardrobe that goes along with any formal occasion:

  • Blazers

You can never go wrong with blazers. Whether it’s a strictly formal firm or a more relaxed corporation, blazers tie out your outfits together nicely. You can opt for blazers in neutral colors that can never go wrong like black, grey, or navy. For a more stylish, modern, and chic look, you can play around with colors like cream, pastels, or bold colors like magenta and orange.

  • Blouses

In the corporate world, a smart blouse is a must. If you work in a fast-paced industry, you can go for fabrics that don’t wrinkle easily like lyocell or polyester blends. For a more formal and serious look, you can go for button-up blouses with collars.

  • Skirts

A classic choice of knee-length a-line skirt or pencil skirt works perfectly for office settings as traditional corporate attire for females. You can find a slim-fitting skirt style with a sharp silhouette to compliment your body shape.

  • Pants

Corporate attire for ladies isn’t limited to skirts only but also pants. Good pair of pants for females come with a straight and slim silhouette that fits well, not too tight or loose. For a classic and traditional style, you can go for neutral colors as safe options. To get that professional look, you can match your pair with your blazer to complete the whole outfit.

  • Dresses

To expose your personality more, dresses are a fun choice that ladies can go for. You can be stylish and professional at the same time with dresses. Keep in mind that the neckline shouldn’t be too deep and hemlines should at least reach your knee.

How much are corporate attire in the Philippines?

Collections of corporate attire for men are offered by brands like H&M, Oxygen, Topman, and high-end brands like Burberry and Ralph Lauren. Read more to find out the business attire price list in the Philippines below:




H&M Oxford shirt Regular Fit Yellow

₱ 987.42


H&M Oxford shirt Regular Fit Red

₱ 1,255.62


Supreme Striped Oxford Shirt

₱ 9,750.07


Gucci G DOT Oxford Shirt

₱ 29,504.12


Gucci Oxford Shirt With Embroidered Collar

₱ 34,429.94


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