Perfect for all occasions, a convertible dress is a versatile, fabulous, and fashion forward garment for women. Browse below for a wide array of convertible dresses available online or click here to learn about different ways on how to wear a convertible dress.


Convertible Dresses - Fancy, Fabulous, and Flexible!

Fashion can surprise you in many ways. Innovative minds behind the fashion industry have come up with the most ingenious ideas, and one of them is a convertible dress. A convertible dress, or known as infinity or multi-wrap dress, is simply a dress that can be worn in many ways. Instead of a sewn sleeve or collar, a convertible dress has a set of fabric (usually two) which can be manipulated to give the outfit a new look. It is great for occasions where you don’t want to be wearing the same thing twice such as weddings, cottillions, galas, and other events.

Reasons why you should get a convertible dress

  • One of the best reasons why you should have a convertible dress in your closet is the versatility that it could provide. If you’re worried about coming to an event wearing the same dress, then you will definitely need a convertible dress.
  • A convertible dress can be worn in as much as 8 different ways! You can save up on buying a different dress for a specific occasion.
  • A convertible dress gives you tons of options and can be styled as you wish. You can wear tons of different accessories and shoes that would suit your outfit.
  • A convertible dress is a garment fit for all body types. Whether you are slim, voluptuous or plump, you can certainly rock it with style.

Ways to style your convertible dress

There are many ways you can tie a convertible dress. Whether you want a cute and simple V-neck or sophisticated wraps, you can definitely pull one off with confidence; what you need to have is a little creativity and imagination. You can be craft and add accessories to properly secure your dress like a brooch or a statement necklace. Just remember to think out of the box and be innovative!

Wide One-Shoulder Sleeve

If you don’t want to show your cleavage yet want to be sexy, then this style would definitely suit you. With the two strips of fabric, all you need to do is put them on one shoulder, twist the two straps together until they reach your waist. After that, separate the two straps, cross them in front of your body and secure it with a knot or a bow at the back.

Single Cross-back

If you want your infinity dress to have a shade of mystery, then the single cross back style would definitely give you that look. To start, simply open up the straps to cover your chest, then lay them on their respective shoulders. Next is to make a cross in your back by crossing them together, right on top of each other. After that is to bring them to the front, and cross them on your waist. Finally, secure both fabrics by tying a knot or a bow.

The Halterneck

Another classic neckline, the halterneck is a sophisticated look both at the front and back. Begin by opening the two fabrics to cover your chest, then placing each strap on the opposite shoulder, creating a “halter” at the front. Next is to cross the two straps against each other to create a cross, then wrap them up around your waist passing underneath your arms. Pull it tightly, then secure it at the back with a knot or a bow at the back.

Shop for convertible dresses online

A convertible dress is perfect for all occasions! The best thing about it is that you can wear it as many times as you like without worrying about going out of style. All you need to do is be creative, and you can wear it in as much as 8 different styles! Shop for the best convertible dress online here.