When you learn the art and science of wearing formal wear, you will be embracing its lifestyle. Read here to find out!

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iPrice Philippines - Formal Wear - Looking Impeccably Sharp, Sexy & Sleek

Wearing formal wear should not be seen as boring, dull and tedious affair because it will be a totally fun and pleasant experience when one has embraced the art and science of wearing formal wear. When you enjoy wearing formal wear, you will not be like Cinderella who has to return home quickly when the clock strikes twelve. Instead, you will enjoy the meticulously planned dinner even until midnight, provided that you are hanging out and meeting with great guests as well as having wonderful time together. At the same time, the entire dinner scene feels like those taken from movies like The Man From U.N.C.L.E., James Bond, Kingsman and other super-secret spy flicks. Indulge in your newfound charm and wit that your well-tailored suit or dress as you confidently initiate intriguing conversation and trading jokes with each other in the same time. All in all, donning formal wear is more about being at ease with yourself while clothed with the finest suit or dress available.

iPrice Philippines - Formal Wear - Stay Classy & Elegant

Despite formal wear seems to be a conservative and irrelevant affair, you are still required to wear it during attending those formal social events such as dinner, date, graduation, prom, wedding and others. Besides, wearing formal wear exudes sense of class, elegant and refined taste that really suit the "solemn" and "serious" atmosphere of those important functions. Most importantly, you will definitely look great in the pictures during celebrating momentous event with your loved ones.

iPrice Philippines - Tips In Choosing Your Formal Wear

Thankfully, it is not that hard and difficult when choosing your formal wear. Just as your formal wear reflects your personality, style and taste, so too is the importance in choosing the best one that compliments your look. For men, you must know how to choose the right lapel. Generally, it is better to wear a peak lapel because it looks more special and exclusive as it will draw the attention of the eyes out to your shoulders and will accentuate that preferred V shape. If you want an alternative to cummerbund in the more formal evening wear, you can try waistcoat instead.

As for women, women usually face tons of options available since there is a lot of different dress designs out there. The most important thing is being real and dress accordingly as feeling comfortable with the dress that you wear. Being comfortable is important because you will feel sexier and that will play the main role in expressing your confidence in the functions. When you learn to flaunt well, you will be the centre of attention in the dinner.

iPrice Philippines - Finest Formal Wear Brands

Thanks to a variety of brand choices out in the market, it should be very easy to find the formal wear that you need for your formal functions. However, you will be very spoilt for choices as you are facing with the myriad of choices available and this will cost your time and money unnecessarily when you do not know where to look for one. For your convenience, we have made an awesome list of formal wear brands for men and women:

For Men

  • Bay Go Mall
  • Blueforce

For Women

  • Adidas
  • AGA

iPrice Philippines - Experience The Splendid Splendour With Formal Wear

Formal wear is something that we should invest well because you will need one when you are being invited to any of the important social events that require you to wear one. Remember, a nice suit or dress will channel your personality seamlessly to other people in those social functions.